I recently shared my love of fantasy novels. So I think it’s acceptable to let you in on a little secret. I really really love books. (Except that it’s not really a secret.) Before deciding to become a designer, I toyed around with the idea of becoming a librarian instead. I even spent three years working at the public library back home and three more years working at Iowa State University’s library.

A Guide to the Collection of the Library of CongressA Guide to the Collection of the Library of Congress


So really, when I was asked in a college course to create an infographic about a topic of my choice, it was a easy choice to highlight libraries. Specifically, the Library of Congress and its Library of Congress Classification (LCC) system. Shelving books at ISU’s large academic library, I had practically memorized the LCC and developed a real appreciation for the thought behind the system.

The Library of Congress is America’s oldest and most valuable cultural depository. In an effort to show respect to the institution, my design choices for the project featured classical book proportions and a strong emphasis on typography. However, I paired that with a modern sense of color and format to showcase the Library’s changing aspects in a technological world.

Library of Congress, Collection GrowthInformation design showing the Library of Congress collection growth


The book details both the massive collection and the world-wide collection effort undertaken by the Library of Congress. I designed a large set of information graphics to help the reader to understand the already immense collection, its growth, and the complex organizational system that keeps track of over 151.8 million items.