Adam loves his job.

He feels extremely lucky to have found a career that suits his talents. One of Adam’s greatest strengths is the ease at which he can become obsessed. At work, this usually means a great solution is found. He truly believes that when you enjoy what you do for a living, it’s no longer work.

Design projects for friends and family, playing ice hockey and spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter are just of few of the ways he spends his personal time.


Adam Torpin and President Barack Obama

“Passion fuels creative success.”

Adam Torpin

Adam's Sandtrooper

Goodbye, Omaha.

In less than two months, I will be moving to Kearney, Nebraska, with my wife and child. This is without question the hardest decision I’ve had to make so far. I’ll be moving away from the city I’ve called home for the last eight years, my two brothers and their families, great friends, our beautiful home, and, of course, all that this amazing city has to offer. I will not, however, be leaving my job at Oxide. I love Omaha.…

Adam’s wedding album

I’ve been married for well over a year now, but I would still like to share the process I went through to create my own custom wedding album. This was something I knew I wanted to do ever since my wife and I started interviewing wedding photographers for our engagement photos. Every photographer we interviewed attempted to impress me by showing off their own custom-designed books.

Adam’s Great™ movies

A while back, Joe shared his Great™ movie list. As I looked through it, I began thinking about what movies I thought were Great™. I soon realized that this was a rather difficult task. You have to decide where your cut off point is and how to judge movies of all genres on one scale. Joe decided, and we all agree, that a Great movie is one that you would watch RIGHT NOW (given the opportunity). While I can’t guarantee…

Adam & Gina’s wedding invitations

On June 26th, I will be getting married to my wonderful fiance, Gina. Since most of the people we are inviting to our wedding have no idea what I do for a living, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to show them. I spent a few months running through color palettes and collecting examples of design styles that I liked. Some of my friends saw this as very odd since wedding decisions aren’t typically handled by the male…