Around the same time Joe Sparano was beginning his position on the AIGA Nebraska Board of Directors, I was being groomed for one as well. I began my term in January as AIGA Nebraska‘s Director of New Media. One of my duites under that position is to Chair an event. What a better event for someone like me to put on than one that focuses on bringing together the two critical professions necessary to create great internet, Design and Development.

IntegrateEvent Visuals designed by Adam Torpin.

Presenting: Integrate

The event will consist of two short talks, a panel discussion, and a final headliner talk, all focused around improving the process of interactive design and strengthening the connection between Designers and Developers.

When, Where?

Integrate will be an evening event during Omaha Creative Week, taking place on September 5th. The event will be held in the (super-new) meeting space at the Mastercraft, doors will open at 5:00pm.

Who’s involved

I’m excited to announce that I’ve enlisted the help of Brian Wetjen, who will be speaking and participating in the panel discussion. I also thought that if the issues at stake here are so important to me, that I should probably put my money where my mouth is. So, I will be giving a short talk about Oxide’s process and why I think it is successful. Last, but certainly not least, Omaha native David Kadavy (author of “Design for Hackers“) will be our special guest and headliner, talking about his career, book, and all things design and development.

I should also note that there will be food and beer.

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