Last year, for Oxide’s 10th anniversary, we launched this snazzy new website. It was packed with a ton of new features, but we still had a wish list of things that we wanted to see added within the next year. Well, that year has passed and with the new year at hand, it is time to officially launch the next version of

ODC Store

To start, there have been some minor changes to the styling of the site. The changes are extremely subtle, and you may not even notice right away (but here at Oxide, we’re sticklers about the tiny details). On the other hand, you may have noticed a few of the features already – the most notable of which is the addition of Retina display capabilities. All of the portfolio images have been optimized to display beautifully and efficiently on high-resolution screens, while not slowing down machines which are not capable of Retina resolutions. We have also added a few breakpoints for ease-of-use on tablets, phones and other mobile things.

With the help of Brad Iwen, we’ve updated the photos on our about page. Adam has also been hard at work keeping things up to date, adding a ton of new portfolio pieces so you can see what we’ve been up to.

Next on the list of changes is our new blog commenting system. Comments now use AJAX (fancy JavaScript stuff) to submit the comment without having to re-load everything on the page. The system integrates seamlessly with WordPress functionality and drops your comment in-line, creating a smooth, uninterrupted user experience. Try it now – it will make you even happier than before!

Finally, I’m quite happy to announce the grand opening of the Oxide Design Co. Store! We’ve got tons of cool merchandise just waiting to be yours. From t-shirts to posters to sketch pads, you won’t know what to do with yourself once you’re there. Be sure to check back from time to time, every once in a while we like to design a few new t-shirts and throw them in there!

Behind the scenes, there is a whole bunch of tweaks and fixes to the code which helps to serve you a faster and more efficient experience overall. We hope you enjoy the site; we’re always working to make it a better place for you to visit!