I recently went through some of my old files and stumbled upon a project I really should have shared by now. When Oxide founder Drew Davies‘ first son was born, Joe Sparano and I decided we needed come up with a special gift. At the time, I had been sitting next to a t-shirt press for roughly 2 years. It had not been used since I had started at Oxide and I knew that an occasion this special definitely warranted it.

Aquababy logoAquababy logo

Drew is a huge Aquaman fan, so naturally his kids are destined to be fans. His favorite hobby is scuba diving, and I’m sure his hope is that his kids will someday embrace his love of water. So I developed this modified logo, and Joe and I printed up a unique Aquababy onesie for Drew’s new arrival.

Aquababy onsie and Alex Ross Aquaman paintingAquababy onsie and Alex Ross Aquaman painting

This logo is not an original creation. I simply altered part of the classic logo to read baby instead of man. All I had to do was invent a B and a Y that would look like the rest of the letterforms. I’m usually pretty offended by parody logos, but I see this as more of an extension of the Aquaman brand than as a parody. Aquaman has a rich backstory, which includes his beginnings as a baby. As Drew’s son continues to grow, I’m assuming I will soon have to print up an Aquaboy t-shirt.