After recently redesigning the Artemis Teas identity, we had the opportunity to completely rethink their tea packaging. Being lovers of package design, we jumped at the chance!

Old Artemis Teas packaging and newArtemis Teas packaging, before and after

Artemis Teas founder Andrea Lawse is very conscious of our relationship with the planet and passionate about making sure it is well taken care of well into the future. Andrea wanted the tea packaging to be fully recyclable in addition to being compostable. Finding a bag that fit size requirements in addition to being recyclable/compostable was a challenge. We ended up with a compostable kraft laminated bag that features the industry’s highest percentage of compostable material by weight.

After coming to a consensus on bag type and material, we dove into designing the look of the bags. The original tea bags were a little too different from each other and failed to be easily recognized on the shelf. Andrea wanted to move to something that both looked professional and would make her teas stand out in the local, and eventually national, market. We developed a refined color palette, consistent typography, and some uniform elements that allowed the packages to work as a group, and to stand out on the shelf.

New Artemis Teas packagingArtemis Teas packaging by Oxide Design Co.

While in the initial research phase of our identity process, we came across lots of great source material we hoped we would eventually be able to use. We knew that we would have to distinguish between two tea types under which all Artemis Teas would fall. The two bags would have to be easily identifiable as one or the other: ancient medicine or archetypal. We settled on a woodcut of Artemis for the archetypal blends and a woodcut of various tea ingredients for the ancient medicine blends.

Since Artemis has a wide variety of tea blends to choose from, each tea was given its own color and distinct symbol. The symbols were based on everything from Norse runes to Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Individual tea symbolsRunes to identify individual tea blends

In addition to the many illustrative elements on the bags, each one needed large areas of space for the various required fields of text. Each bag has a description, ingredients list, brewing instructions, legal text, and space for a handwritten batch number. On the old bags, all of this was crammed onto stickers manually applied to blank bags. Instead, we did away with the stickers (and the added labor), and incorporated the texts throughout the bag, utilizing the extra space a full bag design allows.

New Artemis Teas packagesArtemis Teas packaging by Oxide Design Co.

The new unified look of the Artemis Teas packaging ensures a cohesive brand identity that has a strong new shelf presence. Be on the lookout for Artemis Teas and the updated packaging in local retailers all over Omaha!


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