Artemis Teas is a local company specializing in hand-blended, artisanal teas. With a focus on ancient medicine and holistic healing through plants, Artemis Teas makes teas that invigorate and nourish. These small-batch teas are crafted by founder — and certified Clinical Herbalist — Andrea Lawse, right here in Omaha.

Artemis Teas primary logoArtemis Teas primary logo

Currently found at various coffee shops and stores in and around the Omaha area, Artemis Teas has been crafting and selling teas for a few years now. They had gotten to the point where they were ready to expand their audience and try to establish a more well-known local brand. For a variety of reasons, their current branding wasn’t working for them anymore, and, with that in mind, they came to Oxide to overhaul their identity and packaging.

Artemis Teas logo before and afterArtemis Teas logo before and after

For a little background, Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt and wilderness. In Greek mythology, Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and the twin sister of Apollo. She was a huntress and was most often shown carrying a bow and arrows. Bows, arrows, deer, hunting dogs, and the moon are all symbols typically associated with Artemis.

The goddess Artemis is the perfect representation of what Artemis Teas the company is doing. In addition to producing quality teas, Andrea is very focused on our relationship with nature and passionate about the well-being of the planet.

It’s sometimes fun to work through logos that have obvious visual beginnings — where the jumping off point is slightly more defined. Obviously, we wanted to work the ancient/mythological aspect of Artemis into the logo and had a few paths we could explore. In addition, Andrea had provided us with a wealth of image research that she felt really represented her company’s key values.

Unselected logo conceptsUnselected logo concepts

The selected logo depicts Artemis herself shooting towards the sky with a bow and arrow (a common depiction of the goddess). The roughened look and brown palette of the logo are subtle nods back to the hand-crafted, natural aspect of the Artemis Teas philosophy.

Artemis Teas business cardArtemis Teas business card

Artemis Teas can currently be found at a variety of stores and events around town. In Omaha, they will be selling their teas at two upcoming events. The first is this Saturday, May 20th at the Florence Mill in celebration of World Herb Day. They will also be participating in the inaugural Turner Park Night Market at Midtown Crossing next Friday, May 26th.

Be on the lookout for brand new packaging showing up on shelves soon (and an Oxide blog post highlighting them)!

View the project page for Artemis Teas.