Dan Richters logo

Last year, Oxide signed on as a sponsor of Omaha Fashion Week. Over the past seven years, OFW has steadily grown into the nation’s 5th largest fashion event. Their bi-annual shows provide a professional platform to showcase the work of independent fashion designers from the midwest. We decided the most effective way we could support their efforts was to donate the design of a logo to the winner of OFW’s fall show — an award that came to be known as the Oxide Fashion Cup.

Last year’s winner Dan Richters, a University of Nebraska at Omaha graduate, has been designing fashion collections locally since 2001. After Dan was crowned winner, we sat down with him to learn more about his process.

  • His strong sculptural approach produces fluid and dimensional creations.
  • His longtime appreciation for fantasy and mythology is a running theme throughout much of his work.
  • He typically pairs modern luxury with ancient style.

The duality of his work led us to explore logo concepts that highlighted this unique trait. The final logo (shown above) ended up being the perfect representation of this concept. The top half of the logo is a D indicating his first name, built in a clean and modern style. The bottom half of the logo transforms the D into an R for his last name. The beautiful flourish (right leg of the R) allowed us to simultaneously showcase his love of old-world aesthetics. The combination underscores the duality of his work.

Below, you can see some of Dan’s recent work.

Parsnippy name and logo

We love farmers’ markets! Who doesn’t? You get the freshest products available while supporting small-scale farmers. Although the local aspect is great, many farmers’ markets lack variety. You can pick up the basics at most, but to get truly unique products that aren’t always grown locally, you have to go to a grocery store. There’s also another big drawback here in Nebraska and many other parts of the country as well: the length of a market’s season is dependent on the weather.

Nebraskans for Civic Reform identity

At Oxide Design Co., we select one pro bono client each year. It’s a careful process for us. We want to give our time toward something we believe in, and which needs our help. Nebraskans for Civic Reform has a mission much inline with our own. This organization advocates for a fair and equitable democracy — something near and dear to us. It provides civic education for youth and the community, training for veterans in job-readiness training, and advocacy for fair and accessible voting. It’s an organization we want to be more involved with, and to which we believe we can bring real value.

Zipline Brewing Co. packaging

I recently posted about our redesign of Zipline Brewing Co.’s logo, and had promised we would soon share the package design. Well, if you haven’t already seen it around the Lincoln, NE area, the time is now!

The industrial look we established on the coasters and business cards has been carried through to the packaging. Since day one, the guys at Zipline were looking for an identity that skewed towards minimalism. Looking at shelves of beer, it seems like every brewery is trying to outdo the previous with more and more stuff jammed onto their labels. Elaborate woodcut illustrations, metallic gradients, and full-color printing have become the norm. Minimalism in the world of beer packaging is like a breath of fresh air.

2013 River City Rodeo poster

For several years now, we’ve been working with the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben Foundation on design and event promotion for the annual River City Rodeo & Stock Show. (We even partnered with them on a redesign of the event logo back in 2010.) Each year, we take a step back and reevaluate and redefine the target market for the marketing. The rodeo (one of the world’s largest) has always drawn a mass migration of the rural population to the city. Since they will come regardless of promotion, a poster geared towards that group of individuals becomes irrelevant.

Oxide featured in LogoLounge
Master Library, Volume 2

Following up on our last post, we also recently received our copy of LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 2: 3000 Animal and Mythology Logos, which includes five logos designed by the Oxide team. While the first book focused on logos featuring crests and initials, Volume 2 features over 3,000 animal and mythology logos. The logos in the Master Library series are selected from the LogoLounge database, and do not appear in any other LogoLounge book.

Omaha Gives! identity

Organized by the Omaha Community Foundation, Omaha Gives! is a 24-hour event, designed to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits. The model is simple and has been very successful in cities across the nation like Austin, Pittsburgh and even Lincoln, Nebraska. With a minimum donation of $10, anyone in the community can support their their favorite participating nonprofits by donating. It’s the perfect day to give since the charities that get the most support will win matching money and prizes.

Stark wedding logo

Two plus years ago, I was asked to design a wedding logo for couple of friends of mine. This was a particularly unique wedding, which required a unique logo. Ronnie and Jane Stark met while playing hockey in the MCHL, an Omaha adult recreational hockey league. Ronnie had been playing for years and Jane, while only recently beginning, can been seen signing the National Anthem at Omaha Lancer games. Their shared passion for the sport and the place they met was the perfect setting for their ceremony. The wedding took place on ice, at the Motto McLean Ice Arena on March 5th, 2011.

Zipline Brewing Co. logo refinement

When Oxide designs a logo, we typically go through a lengthy process which includes brand questionnaires, a patented concepting slide process, and weeks of research and sketching. This is all done in attempt to create a memorable logo that’s not only visually appealing, but conceptually captivating as well. Only once we’ve found the solution(s) do we take our concept to the computer. (Many think that this is the only step required to “design”.) And while it’s not the most important step, the visual build of a logo will make or break the overal concept.

Zipline Brewing Co. came to us last year looking for a variety of design work, including packaging (which will be unveiled later this year). All they had was a logo — which in their minds was finished — and a website. Pleased with the existing logo’s concept, we simply asked if we could take a look at a refinement. The guys at Zipline were up for it, so we started looking at where we could make some tweaks.