BeckAg website

Hey everybody, we’ve recently launched a new website for BeckAg. They are an innovative company which specializes in facilitating conversations between agriculture professionals. We worked with them to completely reorganize their content, streamline the user experience, and build a highly engaging and interactive site.

Flywheel may be the best thing ever

About a year or so ago, a friend of mine, Rick Knudtson, hinted at something he and Dusty Davidson were working on. He was talking about a hosting company. But not just any hosting company – this would be a hosting company that was design-centric and WordPress-optimized. He was talking about everything Oxide has ever wanted in a hosting company.

Contemporary Analysis website

Last week Nathan discussed the many aspects of the new Contemporary Analysis branding. This week, I’d like to go into some of the specifics as they relate to the website. Since this is one of the most forward-facing points of contact for new business for Contemporary Analysis, easy and engaging interaction was a must. Because of our design of various usability elements – inviting colors to indicate what category you are exploring, several points where relevant and new content can…

SVG is a thing now; you should use it.

With all this talk about resolution independence and responsive design, how many times have you built something for the internet and thought, hey, it sure would be nice if I could have a vector graphic here instead of a series of pre-saved bulky images switching in and out some way or another? For example: every single logo ever, social media buttons, line art of any type. If your concern is responsiveness and you’re using images, then you’re in for trouble.…

Twitter should flow inward

Does anybody remember that one time when everybody put a scrolling Twitter feed on a website because they could? Oh, right, that’s still going on right now. Can anybody really give you a good reason why a Twitter feed belongs on the front page of a company’s or non-profit’s website? I’m not talking about a small simple “follow me” link or button, I mean those bulky, full-on Tweet repeating lists.

The multiply effect is a lie

This year’s fabulous Big Omaha website is showcasing a little visual trick. Early on, when Nathan and I were discussing the intended visuals on the site, I failed to notice he was using the multiply effect in Photoshop to achieve the appearance of the red overlays – and he went forward working that into the design. To my dismay, when I went to add the red layers by simply overlaying a slightly transparent layer of red over the top of…

Johnson Deconstruction website

Last week, we announced the launch of the new Johnson Deconstruction website. The site uses a lot of really cool features that make it really responsive. Check it out on all of your devices, mobile to desktop! Lately, I’ve been brushing up on the practical use of inline SVG (scalable vector graphics) on the web, since every current version of every modern web browser now supports the use of them. With some safety-net fallback images for older browsers (mostly IE),…

Fun with code at Meet The Pros

Last week I spoke at Meet The Pros and, not surprisingly, my presentation was titled Fun with code. When I had volunteered to speak way back when, I envisioned myself talking about a bunch of code stuff and making it really interesting and fun. If you’re a regular reader of the Fun with code series here, you probably don’t remember any of it being terribly interesting or fun. It may be really helpful and useful, but it’s certainly too specialized…

A logo obsession confession

Several years ago, I started to take notice of a logo I would see every once in a while. It wasn’t a particularly great logo by the design standards that I had been taught, but it was catching. A train passing by every once in a while would have some freight containers loaded onboard, and every so often one of the containers was emblazoned with a cheerful alligator. Not only was this beefy green alligator illustrated to look ridiculously happy,…

An update to oxidedesign.com for the new year

Last year, for Oxide’s 10th anniversary, we launched this snazzy new website. It was packed with a ton of new features, but we still had a wish list of things that we wanted to see added within the next year. Well, that year has passed and with the new year at hand, it is time to officially launch the next version of oxidedesign.com.