Dundee Gallery website

Early last week, we launched a new website for Dundee Gallery. Owner Jean Imray came to Oxide looking for a website to which she could easily add and categorize pieces of art by the artists who created them.

Detecting a retina display

A few weeks ago, we announced that oxidedesign.com was fully retina optimized. For those of you who do not know, a retina display is a monitor or device that has more pixels per inch of space than a normal display. This basically means it is harder to tell where the edges of pixels are, allowing for an extremely crisp and clean appearance. This works great on the web for things like text, but a problem arises when displaying images. Since…

AIGA Nebraska Presents:

Around the same time Joe Sparano was beginning his position on the AIGA Nebraska Board of Directors, I was being groomed for one as well. I began my term in January as AIGA Nebraska‘s Director of New Media. One of my duites under that position is to Chair an event. What a better event for someone like me to put on than one that focuses on bringing together the two critical professions necessary to create great internet, Design and Development.

Access Restriction for Live Staging Sites

We have a lot of active, ongoing projects here at Oxide, especially when it comes to the web. In order to build and make changes to sites which can still be viewable for internal or client review, we run live staging versions of them on subdomains of oxidedesign.com. Don’t bother digging around looking for a secret gem though, because you can’t get in. At least, not anymore.

Why I love OverClocked ReMix

If you’ve looked at my personal page, you’ll find that 40% of my officially stated inspiration comes from something music related. At the top of that list is a little gem called OverClocked ReMix. OCR (as many have now come to know it by) is a website and online community devoted to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Therein lies the first and most fundamental reason why I love this website.

oxidedesign.com 3.0

Hello and welcome to the 3rd iteration of oxidedesign.com! Creating this site has been a dream come true; we’re doing some amazing things here. Not only is the design great, but the functionality behind the scenes allowed me to challenge my abilities. Everything you see going on in the site has been meticulously crafted in order to make it easy for all the guys here at Oxide to create really great looking layouts in blog posts and project pages. Going…

Extend post types with custom taxonomies

For part two of this series, I want to show how I extended the default functionality of WordPress custom post types and taxonomies in order to build a user-friendly way to associate posts from one type to another. To recap, in part one, we set up a couple of custom post types. To start this tutorial we’ll be using a very similar function to set up the taxonomy which we will leverage for post-to-post association.