Lessons from Letterhead + Logo Design 12

Letterhead + Logo Design 12 is our first book, so it’s inevitable that we’d make a few mistakes. If there’s ever a second book (check back with us late next year to see if that’s something we’d ever consider”¦ ever again), we’re already making notes on how we’d improve the process. While most of the book is under the control of Rockport (LL12‘s publisher), this list only includes the things that were solely our responsibility. I could dodge these bullets…

Joe’s Great™ movies

One important bonus of the Sparano Scale™ is the singling out of the Great™ things in your life – the things you’ve experienced that are too good to just call Good™. These are the things that, for whatever reason, you have a fundamental connection to.

The Biatomic Point – A Year of Sundays

I’ve imagined for awhile that when I release my first album, it would immediately exist as part of a series of albums. The problem with that plan is that I’m not a musician (or at most, a Not Great™ piano player). Thanks to my friend Travis, though, I get to live vicariously through The Biatomic Point. As mentioned in our story on the logo, we’ve been working on the art for their first album, A Year of Sundays. It turns…

Start with the problem

Classes are back in session, so after you’ve ranked all of your new professors on the Sparano Scale™, it’s time to get down to some designing. Today’s bit of advice may be the most important in the Hey students! series so far. It’s so fundamental to your growth as a designer – and so critical to the effectiveness of design in general – it should really be addressed to Hey all designers everywhere!

The Sparano Scale™

Monday mornings at Oxide are for traffic meetings. But before we cover anything important, we recap our weekends – which is usually just a movie review-a-thon. These discussions can spiral out of control, but in the end, every movie ends up with some kind of critical consensus. And out of these conversations, we’ve slowly developed a colloquial rating system.

Big Omaha 2010 identity

Team Oxide had a blast at Big Omaha 2010! By the time the show starts, all of our work is done, and spending the day at Kaneko is a great way to celebrate. After months of work behind the scenes, all of the branded materials finally got to see the light of day (and a half). There’s so much happening at the show, we thought it might be nice to review how it all came together. Here’s a sampling of…

Let go of the leave-behinds

When you’re in the classroom, you imagine that life as a professional is just like life as a student. Or, at least, you prefer to imagine it that way. Even though, buried deep inside your thoughtful designer brain, you know you’re kidding yourself. Some of your classroom experiences translate into the real world and others don’t. Every moment that you spend designing is worthwhile, but each finished piece isn’t necessarily going to help you outside the classroom. One particular project,…

Big Omaha 2010 identity

Big Omaha 2009 was Oxide’s first conference identity. Our problem-solving process is the same as any other, but conferences are unique for one reason: no matter how well you solve the problem the first year, the second year’s identity will bring some tough questions.