Last summer, one of my best friends asked me to do design work for his wedding. At first I thought “here we go again.” It’s not that I don’t like doing design work for my friends and family, I actually rather enjoy it. The reason I felt overwhelmed was that I had just finished the massive amount of design work for my own wedding and wasn’t ready to start it all over again. When I learned that all he was looking for was a logo – not invitations, programs, a website, and everything else that goes into the design of a wedding – I got excited!

Bach wedding logoBach wedding logo

Before beginning the logo, the bride and groom told me that they wanted it to represent their new life together. Normally, this would mean that they were looking for something as generic as two hearts locked together (no offense if this beautiful symbol graced the cover of your wedding announcement). However, they are not your typical couple.

Since my friend was from Nebraska and his finance was from Germany, they decided to make their home in a completely new place that could be their own. They city they choose was Seattle, which is home to some of the most breathtaking nature you’ll find in the world. The couple’s new home (which was also the wedding’s location) became my key focus. I knew they planned on having a variety of local beers for their guests and custom pint glasses made up as favors, so giving it the feel of a beer logo made sense.

Evolution of the wedding logo symbolEvolution of the wedding logo symbol.

I started with sketches of mountains, the local skyline, and the amazing evergreen trees found in the area’s thick forests. As I went further down the evergreen route, I found that taking the symbol to its simplest recognizable form was the most effective solution (as is often the case). The final logo was successful because each of its elements have strong meaning to the couple. It includes the groom’s last name (which became their family name), a German font (for the bride’s country of origin), the evergreen branch (which represents their new home and the wedding’s location), and the date that they started their life together.