As neighbors, we’re excited to see how the Blackstone District is steadily being revitalized. One of the main companies behind this rejuvenation is GreenSlate Development.

One of the really cool things that GreenSlate is doing is preserving as much of the historic structure of the neighborhood as possible. They are striving to renovate existing buildings whenever possible, and when they are building new, they do so with an eye toward the historic aesthetic.

Blackstone Union / Blackstone Station logosBlackstone Union / Blackstone Station

We’re pleased to have had the opportunity to partner with our neighbors on branding for the new Blackstone apartments, Blackstone Station and Blackstone Union. These two sister complexes, designed by Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture, are at the northeast corner of 38th Avenue and Farnam Street, and at the southeast corner of 41st Street and Harney, respectively.

Oxide’s branding work began with naming the properties. Station is a historical nod to the Stolls 66 service station that used to be at 38th Avenue and Farnam, and a hint at being a past and future transit hub. The word “union” reiterates the idea of community, which is central not only to the Blackstone District, but also to the Nebraska Medicine campus, which is practically next door to the Union.

Blackstone Union / Blackstone Station brochureBlackstone Union / Blackstone Station brochure
Blackstone Union / Blackstone Station brochureBlackstone Union / Blackstone Station brochure
GSD_Print-Brochure_03Blackstone Union / Blackstone Station brochure inserts

GreenSlate retained Oxide to design the logos and visual identities for the development. The logo designs simulate the aesthetic of old bus scrolls, which looks simultaneously to the historic (since these buildings are along the old streetcar route) and to the future (these new buildings are public-transit oriented, sitting along the route for Omaha Metro transit opportunities).

Our branding work also included implementation of the identity into tactical pieces, including promotional displays, print marketing, and design and development of an informational website. Beyond apartment amenities and leasing information, the brochure highlights the Blackstone District neighborhood with a map, photos and description, as well as a pocket for the individual relevant floor plans.

Blackstone Union / Blackstone websiteBlackstone Union / Blackstone Station website

Carrying the aesthetic of the brochure online, the website includes subtle historic photos and more comprehensive looks at the available floor plans.

The Blackstone Apartments are set to open in fall 2016. We’re looking forward to welcoming more neighbors to the District!

View the project page for Blackstone Union / Blackstone Station.