Oxide is proud to unveil our rebrand for the Boston Rams. The Rams compete in in various divisions at the youth level and are an affiliate of Major League Soccer’s New England Revolution.

Boston Rams primary, secondary, tertiary and logotypeBoston Rams logos: primary, secondary, tertiary, and logotype
Boston Rams logo, before and afterBoston Rams logo,
before and after

Formerly known as Real Boston Rams Soccer Club, the team decided to simplify their name by dropping “Real” and “SC” from their official title. Removing Real, which is Spanish for royal, made the crown in the original logo no longer appropriate. The new logo is a euro-inspired soccer crest, with an aggressive American-style mascot logo twist. The star below the mascot is a tie to the stars found in the New England Revolution’s logo. The merged “BR” symbol, which is used as a secondary mark and is also found in the primary and tertiary marks, was developed to complement the sharp angles of the mascot and round nature of the soccer ball. Custom typography designed for the logotype also builds on these elements.

Boston Rams jersey numbersBoston Rams jersey numbers

To even further build on the new style, we developed a set of custom numerals for use on the team’s kits and apparel.

Boston sports logosBoston sports logos

Three of the five major Boston sports identities are built in red, white, and blue (including the Rams’ affiliate, the New England Revolution). This made us consider recommending a switch from their black and gold color palette to one that would tie them to their city. However, after we completed our research, we found that the division they play in is dominated by blue color palettes, as well as another club using red. The Rams play these teams on a regular basis, so it was clear that their black and yellow colors actually help them stand out.

Logos of Northeast Division of Easton ConferenceLogos of Northeast Division of Easton Conference

After building initial concepts for how the brand was applied to apparel, we worked with the Boston Rams apparel sponsor Admiral to define guidelines for the team’s kits.

Apparel conceptsApparel concepts

We then helped the Rams extend their brand through graphics we built for their social media pages and a simple customized WordPress site.

Boston Rams websiteBoston Rams website

I’ve designed a ton of sports logos in the past for fun, and it was great to get the opportunity to build one for a real-world application. It’s exciting to see the Rams starting to use their new identity, and we’re very pleased that the initial response has been overwhelmingly positive!

View the project page for Boston Rams Soccer Club.