At Oxide, it’s no secret we love package design. So when Dr. Sarah Gupta showed up at our door looking for retail packaging for her new invention – the Buff Cuff – we jumped at the opportunity.

Buff Cuff packaging - topBuff Cuff packaging – top
Buff CuffA prototype
of the Buff Cuff

The patent-pending Buff Cuff is “an all-inclusive workout system designed especially for busy people.” It’s a silicon bracelet you wear on your wrist which helps lead you through a series of twenty daily exercises you can do anytime, anywhere. Sliders on the cuff track which exercises you’ve completed, and a 60-second timer makes sure you put enough in to each one. The idea is that it’s difficult to block out twenty minutes a day for working out, but the Buff Cuff helps you fit the exercise you need into your spare minutes throughout the day.

Sarah came prepared with a thorough home-made mood board and a very clear understanding of her brand. We bolstered the foundational information through multiple interviews, our custom questionnaire, and our proprietary concepting slides process. All this research laid the groundwork for what form the visuals would take as we addressed the core issue: how do you convey the features and benefits of the Buff Cuff in a compelling way to retail consumers who will be completely unfamiliar with the product?

Buff Cuff Packaging ConceptsEarly concepts for the Buff Cuff packaging, showing a retro-inspired nod to the twenty exercises, and an early version of what became the final design

We started by simplifying the information that needed to be communicated:

  1. It’s an item that promotes exercise.
  2. You use it during small intervals of time during your day.
  3. It’s simple and fun.

Sarah has an affinity for Mid-Century modern aesthetics that fit perfectly with our findings on the Buff Cuff brand. From early on in the concepting process, we worked with different contemporary interpretations of the historic style, and created a great balance between bold, eye-catching visuals and a sense of enjoyment and ease. We combined that visual design with very intentional thinking on the content of the package to make sure we addressed all three of the required points of communication.

Buff Cuff packaging - bottomBuff Cuff packaging – bottom

The final design highlights a person doing various exercises interspersed between the mundane objects of every day life – a clear visual showing how a busy person can use Buff Cuff to fit exercise into the 60-second spaces between all your day’s other activities. The back of the package shows the consumer a simple diagram of how the Buff Cuff works, and just enough explanation to show its value.

Buff Cuff Instructional BookletA sample spread from the Buff Cuff instructional booklet, showing two of the excercises
Buff Cuff Instructional BookletA sample spread from the Buff Cuff instructional booklet, showing a quick guide of the exercise codes

Oxide worked with Sarah to design the 28-page booklet contained within the package, depicting the twenty exercises with clear illustrations and simple instructions. We’ve also been developing a consumer website to promote online sales, share success stories, and provide ongoing support to Buff Cuff devotees.

The Buff Cuff is not yet available for purchase. Sarah continues to refine its design and engineering to make certain it will be the best possible product. We’re looking forward to seeing it reach the marketplace, where this ingenious product paired with thoughtful design will no doubt find great success!

View the project page for Buff Cuff.