Super lightweight jQuery slider

I just want to start this post off by saying, there is no page fold. All kidding aside, that fact is especially true on this year’s mahamusicfestival.com. You’ll probably agree that the site functions quite well, and it is by far one of my personal favorites so far.

Access Restriction for Live Staging Sites

We have a lot of active, ongoing projects here at Oxide, especially when it comes to the web. In order to build and make changes to sites which can still be viewable for internal or client review, we run live staging versions of them on subdomains of oxidedesign.com. Don’t bother digging around looking for a secret gem though, because you can’t get in. At least, not anymore.

How to build perfect transparencies in Photoshop

Hey everybody, you may have noticed that we just launched the new #bigomaha site. You may have also noticed that a great deal of it is hand-illustrated. This presented a bit of a problem, because in order for us to be able to achieve the most liquid and dynamic layout, every bit of hand drawn text or illustration on the site needed to have a nice, clean, perfect transparency.

Post association with taxonomies

It’s been a little while since the last entry to Fun with code, mostly because I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with code. Alas, this tutorial has a third and final part which will wrap everything up.

Put yourself out there

For most of us, landing a job in design didn’t just happen. In our field, there is an abundance of applicants and a minimal number of openings. This means that you’re going to have to do everything you can to even get noticed. If you’re getting ready to take the plunge into the frigid waters of the design job market, following these guidelines will help you to get noticed.

Extend post types with custom taxonomies

For part two of this series, I want to show how I extended the default functionality of WordPress custom post types and taxonomies in order to build a user-friendly way to associate posts from one type to another. To recap, in part one, we set up a couple of custom post types. To start this tutorial we’ll be using a very similar function to set up the taxonomy which we will leverage for post-to-post association.

Using custom post types for WordPress

Over the past few years, I’ve written quite a bit of code and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. I’ve got tons of useful snippets in my back pocket and I’m just itching to share them with the world. I’m going to take this opportunity to start a new series here on the Oxide blog, Fun with code. To get things started, let’s outline a problem and uncover a situation which creative code can solve.

Live! Seriously! Let’s do this!

Last weekend, intern Kelsey was reading through the Hey students! series. During Monday’s traffic meeting, she suggested that it’d be really helpful for students if we could talk to them directly about the entire series “live, in-person.”

Know when to care

This is a sequel to the first post in this series: Care about your work – which continues to be the most important lesson we have for you. But caring is more complicated than that. When you start caring, you lose the ability to evaluate your work independently of your personal investment in it.