Adam’s wedding album

I’ve been married for well over a year now, but I would still like to share the process I went through to create my own custom wedding album. This was something I knew I wanted to do ever since my wife and I started interviewing wedding photographers for our engagement photos. Every photographer we interviewed attempted to impress me by showing off their own custom-designed books.

TCSHL logo

I never turn down a chance to work on a sports logo. As a kid, I would regularly sketch new logos for sports teams. Since becoming a designer, I’ve taken every opportunity possible to work one up. Even though no one has ever paid me to do it, it’s always been a dream of mine that someday, some team, somewhere, will call Oxide to design their new identity!

Adam’s Great™ movies

A while back, Joe shared his Great™ movie list. As I looked through it, I began thinking about what movies I thought were Great™. I soon realized that this was a rather difficult task. You have to decide where your cut off point is and how to judge movies of all genres on one scale. Joe decided, and we all agree, that a Great movie is one that you would watch RIGHT NOW (given the opportunity). While I can’t guarantee…

My first attempt at photography

I’ve always loved photography, but have never owned a camera of my own. So, when I decided that photography was a hobby I was interested in pursuing, I bought myself a fancy new camera with lots and lots of buttons. After a demo day at the zoo with good friend, photography teacher, and former Oxide intern Adam Casey, I decided I would attempt to take some photos on my own! The perfect occasion for my first attempt arose at the…

Miles’ birthday banner

This week, we prepared for the birthday celebration of Miles Davies (Oxide owner Drew Davies’ child and unofficial fourth member of the Oxide team). We did so by creating a six foot banner for his first ever party! We are fully aware that they sell this type of thing at party supply stores. However, being designers, we are unable to avoid using our talents at every possible opportunity.

Bach wedding logo

Last summer, one of my best friends asked me to do design work for his wedding. At first I thought “here we go again.” It’s not that I don’t like doing design work for my friends and family, I actually rather enjoy it. The reason I felt overwhelmed was that I had just finished the massive amount of design work for my own wedding and wasn’t ready to start it all over again. When I learned that all he was…

Joe’s Great™ movies

One important bonus of the Sparano Scale™ is the singling out of the Great™ things in your life – the things you’ve experienced that are too good to just call Good™. These are the things that, for whatever reason, you have a fundamental connection to.

Piranha poster

A few weeks ago, my friend Kami approached me with a request to design “the gig poster that never was” for her father’s high school band. She wanted the poster to have the look and feel of a current gig poster. I love the aesthetics of a well-designed gig poster, so I was on board right away.

The Sparano Scale™

Monday mornings at Oxide are for traffic meetings. But before we cover anything important, we recap our weekends – which is usually just a movie review-a-thon. These discussions can spiral out of control, but in the end, every movie ends up with some kind of critical consensus. And out of these conversations, we’ve slowly developed a colloquial rating system.

Adam & Gina’s wedding invitations

On June 26th, I will be getting married to my wonderful fiance, Gina. Since most of the people we are inviting to our wedding have no idea what I do for a living, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to show them. I spent a few months running through color palettes and collecting examples of design styles that I liked. Some of my friends saw this as very odd since wedding decisions aren’t typically handled by the male…