What I learned during my internship at Oxide (Michael Stevens)

It’s impossible to adequately summarize everything I learned at my internship at Oxide, but a few fun facts that leap to mind are: Design internships can actually be paid (gasp!). It’s much easier to be on time for work when you love your job. Business meetings can be fun! Whatever horror stories you may have heard about overworked, underpaid (or worse still, altogether unpaid) interns doing nothing but slaving over a hot letterpress and whitewashing the office walls, cast them…

New Oxide hand-painted signage

Well, it’s not that new, but if you haven’t visited Oxide’s north entrance since last year, we’d like to share our new hand-painted signage! With our neighborhood – the Blackstone District – on the rise, it felt like time to spruce up our building. We knew we wanted to do something that would stand out and look appropriate to the building’s age. We considered repurposing a vintage neon sign like we did on the front of our building, but after…

Oxide featured in LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 4

I’m pleased to announce that eight logos designed by the Oxide team have been selected for inclusion in LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 4: 3000 Type and Calligraphy Logos. Each volume in the Master Library series focuses on a different specific category – Volume 4 features over 3,000 typographic and word-based logos. The logos in the series are selected from the LogoLounge database, and do not appear in any other LogoLounge book. The entries are accepted on an ongoing basis through…

Skål! Scandinavian Spirits Identity

The Museum of Danish America, located in Elk Horn, Iowa, has been open since 1994 as a national center for the Danish-American community. Its mission is “to celebrate Danish roots and American dreams”. Oxide has had the privilege of working with the Museum of Danish America on various projects in the past. Recently, they asked us to develop the look and identity for their upcoming exhibition on the history and culture of beer and aquavit in Scandinavia, called “Skål! Scandinavian…

Commercial Flooring Systems

We recently had the pleasure of working with Commercial Flooring Systems to develop a new identity and logo, business papers, and a website. We love broadening our list of industries that we’ve gotten to learn about, and flooring was a welcome addition.

Drew Davies featured in Omaha Magazine and The Reader

We are pleased to share that Oxide founder and designer Drew Davies has been featured in the March/April 2015 issue of Omaha Magazine. The article, part of the magazine’s Faces series, showcases what they dubbed “Oxide’s half and half approach” – our long-standing commitment to partially or completely donate 50% of our work to non-profits and charitable organizations. (You can read the full text of the article on the Omaha Magazine site.)

Oxide personalities

People do not like to be put into boxes. I’m no different. I get pretty feisty when I feel I’m being unfairly categorized. However, I very much appreciate personality tests. I like the insights they can offer about myself and the people around me. No, I don’t think that any one test captures a person. I like knowing multiple test results for a person – having a few different angles offers a slightly better perspective. But, of course, even then…

Oxide launches pro bono design application

At Oxide, we believe strongly in using our design powers for good, to support worthy and valuable efforts in our community. Over half of our work is donated or discounted for nonprofits and charitable organizations.

Hi. I’m Chris.

Hey. I’m Chris. I’m a UX designer and front-end developer who loves family, good beer, scotch, and gaming. Since my first explorations into design back in high school, I’ve always loved being creative. But, more than that, I’ve loved the time, technique, and devotion needed to build something beautiful from the ground up. It initially started with drafting and HTML classes, but quickly led to AutoCAD evening courses and experimenting with 3D animation.

Oxide welcomes web developer Chris Walker

We’ve gladly welcomed Chris Walker to the team as Oxide’s new lead web developer! He comes to us with eight years of experience as a web developer, whose work is shaped by a passion for the user experience. Obviously we value this attribute in a great developer, since it’s users who either slog through our designs if they’re poorly executed – or scroll gleefully. So Chris is our scrolling-glee manager. An Omaha native, Chris attended the Creative Center for a…