We recently had the pleasure of working with Commercial Flooring Systems to develop a new identity and logo, business papers, and a website. We love broadening our list of industries that we’ve gotten to learn about, and flooring was a welcome addition.

Commercial Flooring Systems logoCommercial Flooring Systems logo

Maybe not every commercial flooring company would be a great fit for us, but CFS was. They pride themselves on being not only a subcontractor, but a thoughtful design partner – sort of like what Oxide strives to be for our clients.

When we started delving into the brand discovery phase of our process with Commercial Flooring Systems, we heard words like:

proven / best / expert

high-end / high class

industry leader / integrity

loyal /relationships / personal

consultative / design

passionate / knowledgeable

problem solvers

modern practices, traditional values

Our client understood that you can’t say who you are – you have to show who you are. And you do that by showing up consistently, by being better consistently.

Commercial Flooring Systems logo conceptsCommercial Flooring Systems logo concepts

CFS works to set themselves apart. They started with their own space. As a consultative, design-oriented commercial floorer, CFS wanted to have some office space that doubled as a showroom. Unlike some of their competitors, CFS wanted to focus on showing what they were capable of creating, not just how big their warehouse is.

They’re also big on relationship. They’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years. So they understand the value of integrity and loyalty, and they strive to do right by their clients. In it for the long haul, CFS works to be an industry leader.

CFS also prides themselves on being a member of the Starnet Cooperative, a prestigious worldwide network of flooring companies. This allows them to be connected at a higher level and even provide services across the country and the globe.

CFS business papersCommercial Flooring Systems business papers


For their mark, we designed something that could be seen as a flooring square of carpet or tile. It’s a repeating pattern, like most flooring. And it hints at a rose shape, representing the beauty of their product.

The bright, fresh colors set it apart in their industry, and the multiple colors represent the run of the gamut of the services CFS provides. The gradient is built from solid colors at perfect intervals between their surrounding colors.

For their business cards, we used a spot gloss of the repeating pattern. And we implemented the same pattern on their website.

CFS-5Commercial Flooring Systems website homepage
CFS-7Commercial Flooring Systems website interior page
CFS-8Commercial Flooring Systems website interior page

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