Oxide recently designed a brand new corporate identity for cosentry, one of the nation’s leading data centers. Primarily serving large and mid-sized enterprises, cosentry provides compliance ready solutions as well as cloud computing and professional technical services.

cosentry logo before and aftercosentry logo
before and after

Oxide partner Monica McFarland was in the process of working with cosentry to redefine their voice when she graciously sent them our way for a visual update. The original cosentry logo, shown above on the left, was not working for a number of reasons. First, Myriad, the typeface used in the logo, is a generic system default font. Second, replacing a letterform with an image is very hard to pull off. A percentage of the audience will always be confused about how to read the word. Third, the CamelCase style of writing “CoSentry” has become an outdated design technique. It’s not always the wrong solution, but since we were in the process of a redesign, it was something we wanted to address.

We went through Oxide’s complete research and concepting process, finding that keeping the concept behind the original logo was the right solution. It simply needed to be executed it in a completely new way. The original logo has data represented as a sphere wrapped in protective bands. The updated logo shows critical data as a cube surrounded by the letter “c”, which represents cosentry’s protection. The separation between “co” and “sentry” that was created by the CamelCasing was converted to two levels of grey. This separation helps the audience read the name properly.

cosentry logo variationscosentry
logo variations

Since cosentry’s new logo will appear on anything from the web to etched glass, we created multiple variations so it will always have an ideal implementation. Above from left to right is a primary horizontal logo, a vertical logo for smaller width-restricted areas, and a one-color line art version when color is not an option. A greyscale version is also available when printed in black and white and a type-only version is an option when space is extremely limited.

cosentry letterheadcosentry
business papers

In addition to the updated logo, Oxide provided a full corporate brand brook which included Monica’s messaging, logo usage guidelines, an updated color palette, recommended typefaces, and photography styling examples. The only other updated cosentry identity piece we have designed to date is their new business paper suite. We used the opportunity to create a repeating pattern that we included as part of their corporate identity. The pattern is a thin outline of the data cube from the updated logo, expanding organically.

View the project page for cosentry.