We recently had the privilege of helping Cuming County, Nebraska, combine their government, tourism, and economic development websites into one beautifully designed site.

Cuming County website home pageCuming County website home page

This project involved some extensive site-mapping; we looked to design the most straightforward structure to best serve these three branches and their visitors.

First we cataloged the original sites’ existing content, and then we determined umbrella categories and how to sort the pages. This organization process – combing through each of the three previous sites and placing the information in logical and easy-to-find locations – was actually kind of fun for the analytical side of my brain.

Cuming County sitemapCuming County site-mapping process

The design of the site posed another interesting challenge since it needed to balance three very different purposes. The government site was maintaining a TON of information for the citizens of Cuming County; therefore, it needed to be a repository of data from a wide variety of departments. The tourism site was encouraging people to visit the county and show off its attractions. And the economic development site was working hard to be fun and interesting while serving as a useful resource for individuals and businesses in – and interested in moving to – the county.

We wanted to give the site a professional but friendly look – one that reflected the amazing people we were working with in Cuming County.

Cuming County website interior pageCuming County website interior page

Adam, one of our great designers, is originally from O’Neill, Neb. He drives through Cuming County every time he visits his parents. The image that he readily recalled as a representation of Cuming County was the metal courthouse letters that glint in the sun when you drive through West Point, the county seat.

We used the forms of those metal courthouse letters in the website’s header. The letterforms are classic and timeless, and they are a symbol of the whole county – businesses, citizens, and visitors can all identify with them.

Cuming County website news sectionCuming County website news section

We designated blue as the color for the parts of the site that applied to the county as a whole. Then hues of orange, green, and yellow delineate between Business, Government, and Visitors. This simple platform helps guide visitors to the right places on the site.

It’s wonderful to see our friends at Cuming County already getting in there, making good use of their new site. We look forward to seeing how effectively the site serves their needs. And we hope you find a reason to visit this great little county sometime soon – the people sure are friendly!

Cuming County website home pageCuming County website home page

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