Last year, Oxide signed on as a sponsor of Omaha Fashion Week. Over the past seven years, OFW has steadily grown into the nation’s 5th largest fashion event. Their bi-annual shows provide a professional platform to showcase the work of independent fashion designers from the midwest. We decided the most effective way we could support their efforts was to donate the design of a logo to the winner of OFW’s fall show – an award that came to be known as the Oxide Fashion Cup.

Dan Richters logoDan Richters logo

Last year’s winner Dan Richters, a University of Nebraska at Omaha graduate, has been designing fashion collections locally since 2001. After Dan was crowned winner, we sat down with him to learn more about his process.

  • His strong sculptural approach produces fluid and dimensional creations.
  • His longtime appreciation for fantasy and mythology is a running theme throughout much of his work.
  • He typically pairs modern luxury with ancient style.

The duality of his work led us to explore logo concepts that highlighted this unique trait. The final logo (shown above) ended up being the perfect representation of this concept. The top half of the logo is a D indicating his first name, built in a clean and modern style. The bottom half of the logo transforms the D into an R for his last name. The beautiful flourish (right leg of the R) allowed us to simultaneously showcase his love of old-world aesthetics. The combination underscores the duality of his work.

Below, you can see some of Dan’s recent work.

Deep Sea CollectionDeep Sea Collection
Niaid CollectionNiaid Collection
Vessel CollectionVessel Collection

View the project page for Dan Richters.