In cooperation with our long-time partner Center for Civic Design, along with the Center for Technology in Civic Life, we recently launched is a civic engagement toolkit for election officials. It’s a place where election officials can quickly get their hands on the digital tools they need for managing elections.

When first talking about this site, we discussed how it needed to be something that could be easily navigated and usable by all skill levels. The simple design isn’t overwhelming and lets the tools be easily accessed without any digging. The card catalog style of the site allows for infinite expandability and can be quickly searched using the category buttons at the top or the ever-present search bar. homepage

The site is an online library of tech resources for election workers. It includes a Twitter guide, tools for publishing real-time election results, collections of civic icons and illustrations, and much more.

Every tool has been recommended and tested by other election officials. This is a vetted set of tools that election officials can reference and use based on their needs. All tools include information about why to use it, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to best use each one. interior interior page

While there are currently only a handful of tools available, the site is meant to be continuously updated based on the feedback and recommendations of the users. Oxide is proud to engage in projects like this one, because they align with our goals of making the democratic process as approachable, usable, and accessible as possible.

If you’re an election officer looking for additional resources, be sure and check out!

View the project page for Civic Design.