Someday, something I’ve worked on will be redesigned. I haven’t been a designer long enough to see this happen, but I must admit that just the idea makes me a little sad. As designers, we want our work to live on as long as possible. At Oxide, we try to ignore the current design styles and trends – our hope being that we are creating design as timeless as possible.

Maha tattoo in processMaha tattoo in process

We love the idea of something we’ve designed becoming permanent. Unfortunately, very few things in the world of design have the ability to do this. Even the most recognizable of brands update and change their identities on a regular basis to keep up with the trends.

After completing the identity for the Maha Music Festival, we wanted to come up with a unique promotion that would help create more buzz for the event to which we had dedicated so much time and passion. We believe in our client’s goals and want them to succeed, so when we see appropriate opportunities to help them beyond design, we jump at them. Any organization could offer a free tattoo of their logo, but we felt a music festival was the perfect opportunity to do so. What’s more rock and roll than a tattoo? Plus, there’s no way that design becomes more permanent than being tattooed on multiple people.

Maha tattoo in process

Since Maha is a non-profit that doesn’t sit on loads of cash, Oxide offered to cover the cost of anyone who was willing to get a Maha Music Festival logo tattoo from Black Squirrel Tattoo. Each participant’s dedication also earned the individual a free pair of tickets to the Festival. However, due to the overwhelming response, the initial tattoo promotion is now officially sold out.

The good news is that for dedicated fans, there’s still a way to get a free Maha tattoo. All that anyone has to do is buy a pair of Maha tickets for the discounted price of $40 (regularly $70 a pair), and they’ll still get a free blackbird tattoo. Interested parties should contact to schedule an appointment. Over 30 people have already taken the opportunity to permanently show their Maha pride. Why not join them?

Maha tattoosA sampling of several dedicated fans and their new Maha tattoos

View the project page for Maha Music Festival.