The Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska has a big fundraising event — besides cookies. The artVenture program pairs girl scout artists with professional artists in the community to create collaborative art pieces throughout the year. The fundraising event proudly displays those works of art, as well as donated work by the professional artists.

Girl Scouts artVenture posterGirl Scouts artVenture Omaha poster 

Oxide was pleased to partner with the Girl Scouts to establish a complete visual design system for artVenture, including all event promotion and materials. The logo was already set; it incorporates all the colors of the Girl Scout levels. But they needed to update the invitations and signage and everything in between. They needed a design system that could be used consistently for several years for easy updates, but which would allow for some dynamism and excitement. 

Girl Scouts artVenture invitationGirl Scouts artVenture Lincoln invitation 

The system we created uses Girl Scout green prominently and incorporates the art that’s been created for artVenture. There are different events in Lincoln and Omaha, so each has a different featured art piece every year. We used these differing art elements to distinguish between the two sets of materials.

Omaha and Lincoln also have slightly different approaches to the event itself. Both have a Girl Reception ahead of time so the scouts and their parents can see all the art. Then Omaha has an evening, adults-only silent auction with drinks and hors d’oeuvres — much like other professional art openings you might find at galleries around town. Lincoln has an afternoon event (also adults-only) with a fun take on hors d’oeuvres that pairs craft beer and Girl Scout cookies during the silent auction.

Girl Scouts artVenture sponsorship sheetGirl Scouts artVenture Omaha sponsorship sheet

Oxide loves to help create sustainable design, especially for our local non-profits.

Would you like to get involved? They need artists to volunteer! The informational training meetings for artVenture 2019 are October 16 and 17. Or keep your eye out for the opportunity to attend artVenture in the spring!