A few months ago, a friend of mine from the local hockey league, John Byrnes, came to me with a dream: to start a novice adult hockey tournament in Omaha. What he had was an idea and a pretty detailed proposal for the local rink, Moylan IcePlex. What he didn’t have was a name or logo to help make the tournament look legitimate.

Good Life Novice Hockey Tournament logoGood Life Novice Hockey Tournament logo

After spending a couple of hours concepting names, we landed on the Good Life Novice Hockey Tournament. We felt this was a particularly appropriate title for the level of play. After playing in novice travel tournaments around the midwest, John began to get frustrated with the skill level that other cities were sending as “novice” players. As a novice tournament, only adult beginners and players of C or D level will be allowed to play. This will hopefully keep the tournament play fair and a little less serious than other tournaments around the country. To help enforce the “no ringers” rule of the tournament, we’ve enlisted the help of local coaches/former pro players Dave Wilkie and Jake Ortmeyer. As tournament directors, they will have the final say on whether or not a player should be disqualified because of their skill level.

Good Life websiteGood Life website

Now that the tournament has been approved by Ken and Janet Sorenson of Moylan IcePlex, I will have to start on the flyers, posters, brochures, website and whatever else the tournament needs for promotion. The Good Life Novice Hockey Tournament will be held June 11-13 in Omaha and will include at least 10 teams from around the midwest. Our hope is that a local tournament for novice players may even boost interest in the sport for future adult players in the area. To be a little cheesy, as a host city we hope that we are able to show the visiting teams a piece of the good life.