Hastings College recently came to Oxide and asked us to redesign their prospective student materials. Hastings is a private, four-year liberal arts institution that is dedicated to helping its students find and pursue their passion, whatever that happens to be. We were tasked with creating a campaign with a fresh perspective while utilizing Hastings’ existing identity and content, including existing photos, copy, and visual elements. The challenge was to determine how to reconfigure those existing elements to emphasize what Hastings has to offer.

Updated prospective student materialsUpdated prospective student materials

We started by distilling the essence of the Hastings experience. The focus became the student and how Hastings helps students find where they belong. Adding white space and reducing the number of photos helps showcase the focus placed on individual students at Hastings.

Hastings College viewbook spreadSelected spread from the Hastings College view book
Updated prospective student materials detail shotDetail shot of the
“Plan” booklet about scholarships and
financial aid

We also standardized the format and separated the information into useful content sections for high school students in the process of deciding where to attend college. After the prospective student receives all of the materials, they will have a stack of information detailing the important aspects of their choice, highlighting why Hastings is the right choice for them.

Existing prospective student materialsPrevious prospective student materials


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