Earlier this month my son, Henry, turned four. Every year (so far) my wife and I have come up with a theme for his birthday party. To date we have done monsters, tractors and dinosaurs (T-Rex specifically, per Henry’s request). This year, in collaboration with Henry, we decided on “outer space”.

HenrySketchPhotosProcess sketches

Being a designer, I have always taken the opportunity to design each year’s invitation – which then serves as the visual guideline for how we go about the rest of the party. As with any project it begins with lots of sketching. The invite usually turns into an exercise in illustration techniques I’m interested in trying to figure out. They are simply fun projects that I get to be in complete control of.

Henrys InviteHenry’s 4th birthday party invitation

In addition to the invite and various decorations, I also have been making a t-shirt for Henry every year. The t-shirt is always an extension of the invite and Henry is typically pretty excited about it. I’m happy to say that the invite was a hit, and the party was a stellar success. Happy Birthday Henry!


Birthday T-shirtHenry’s birthday t-shirt