Omaha has been my hometown since 2002 and I’ve always lived near that little corridor around 40th and Farnam Streets. Back then it wasn’t known as the Blackstone District. It had some serious grit to it, but that is one of the many reasons I proudly called it home. From wandering around local house shows to hopping from one friend’s home to the next, this neighborhood has been the place I call home for quite some time, even when I lived elsewhere.

Wes Piper

I’ve had stints in other places: I grew up in Yankton, SD, I spent two years abroad in Northern Ireland, a couple years in Lincoln, and, most recently, a two-year stretch in Oregon. When my girlfriend, Colette, and I chose to relocate back to Omaha, we decided to stake our claim within a stone’s throw of this neighborhood.

When we moved back in June 2015, we were surprised to see how much had changed around here. In just a few short years, a lot of new neighbors had moved in and people started calling it the Blackstone District. There is no doubt that this neighborhood has transformed, yet it still feels like home to me.

There are a handful of anchors of this neighborhood that have been around since I started calling this place home. Oxide Design Co. is one of those anchors, so for me it was a natural fit. I’ve known about Oxide for quite some time and, since I started doing web development and working with other creative agencies, I’ve greatly admired Oxide.

Wes Piper

One of the most important things I look for in a place to work is whether or not my job feels like home to me, which is why I was drawn to Oxide. It’s been the bright red heart of my neighborhood since I moved here all those years ago.

Now that I have been at Oxide for a few weeks, I know my instincts were right. It’s a place where everyone loves what they do, and it shows. From Josh’s and Adam’s drive to make a project better, to Mandy’s ability to guide the process, to Drew’s overall vision for clients (not to mention his design skills), working with this group has been inspiring so far. And it’s that type of place that attracts the best clients. To say the least, I feel right at home.