It is hard to know where to begin for this post since there is more to talk about than just “Oxide is great” and “this internship turned my perspective of design and my design process around and sent it off in the right direction” – which is all true. My stay at Oxide never felt like an internship at all; there was never any prejudice towards me being “just” an intern. I have never had a better learning experience, and if it were up to me I would never leave. Today is my last day and it feels like the girl of my dreams just said “it’s not you, it’s me” which I reply “What did I do wrong?” Not that I did anything wrong, but like all great experiences, they have to end – and it says so in my contract. What makes this internship experience so great, aside from the learning and the knowledge absorbed, is that at the end of it all you still get to stay friends.

Adam Casey self-portraitAdam Casey self-portrait

I started my internship a week or two before Adam Torpin’s second year anniversary; in his blog post he said “Since day-one at Oxide, I’ve felt like nothing less than an equal in all design-related discussions”¦” Even if I wasn’t equal to the level of design or knowledge that is contained here at Oxide, I was never made to feel that I wasn’t equal. Everyone at Oxide, including interns, collaborate to achieve the right solution for each individual client. It was during these times that I learnt the most and perhaps more importantly, raised my own expectations of myself. Oxide was what I wanted and needed my entire college career, and at a pace that I wasn’t sure I would survive. It is the advice and support that Drew, Joe and Adam gave that allowed me to move through the times I felt like breaking, it was this guidance that I needed to take my design to a better place.

My internship became about more than just design, it was also a test of my character and perseverance through a growing process that takes someone from being a student to being a professional. An environment like Oxide’s is the perfect learning platform to grow and develop; sometimes you need someone to say “that’s a good starting point” even when you thought you had just finished.

While I would still like to be interning at Oxide this summer, it has ended perhaps at the right time. The experience I have gained has given me confidence to move to another level of design. This is a confidence I never had going out of college and a perspective that I would not have gotten had I not gone to Oxide.

Note: Adam Casey (aka “Adsie”) was an intern at Oxide during the spring of 2010. View his online design and photography portfolios.