I just finished up my internship at Oxide and it was an amazing experience. Prior to my time at Oxide I was an intern at another smallish design studio here in Omaha. It was interesting to see how different-sized studios work and handle day-to-day tasks. It was also interesting to compare and contrast the different process through which each studio creates and designs.

-Josh Schwieger self-portrait

One of the main nuggets of wisdom I am taking away from Oxide is that most of the time your first idea is not always your best and working through those initial thoughts sometimes produces better, more realized creative solutions. At Oxide much of the problem solving is fueled through the initial collaboration process and extensive research. Being a student, most of my designs aren’t really seen by anyone until they are finished. At Oxide the collaborative nature of the design process really forced me to involve other opinions into my designs earlier on in the creative process.

While I was at Oxide I had the opportunity to work on a variety of very different projects that really did span the spectrum. From coming up with branding concepts to pen-pathing photos to working on my very own version(s) of the illustrious Oxide t-shirt, I did a little bit of everything.

I can’t recommend this internship enough to future applicants. Drew, Joe and Adam are truly great guys and amazing designers. I learned a great deal from the three of them and feel that this experience really helped me grow as a designer.

Note: Josh Schwieger was an intern at Oxide during the summer and fall of 2009. Get in touch with him.