If you’ve ever set foot into the Oxide Office, chances are high that you’ve been greeted at the door by one (or more!) of our revolving pack of office dogs. All of us over here take turns bringing our dog into work each day (except Rainbow”¦ who doesn’t have a dog). We even have an additional Google Calendar set up to let us know whose lucky day it is.

Because our pups play such a big part of our day around here, we thought we’d take a moment to introduce you all to them – and as an added bonus, show you a bunch of photos of them being cute around the office!


Rosie takes every opportunity she can to nap on the front couches.Rosie takes every opportunity she can to nap on the front couches.

As Drew Davies’s dog, Rosie gets the privilege of getting to hang out in the
office everyday. She also gets the privilege of sleeping between 95% “” 99% of the time that she’s here. But she is a 15-year-old Beagle, so she’s earned the right to do whatever she pleases. (And her puppy dreams are adorable.)



Glady watches something out the window from the front couch.Glady watches intently out the front window from the couch.

Once upon a time, Rosie and Glady were the only office dogs.
Sadly Glady passed last summer. She lives on in our hearts and memories.


Roise and Glady hanging out together.Roise and Glady hanging out together.

Learn more about Rosie and Glady. (And perhaps get a new t-shirt too.)



The ever-dignified Mollie.The ever-dignified Mollie.
Mollie and Drew having a moment on Halloween (hence Drew's bear costume).Mollie and Drew Davies having a moment on Halloween (hence the bear costume).

Mollie is owned by our web developer, Drew Gourley. She is full bred pug,
with the sqwished-in face and breathing problems to prove it. That being said, she’s actually really sweet and cute. She’s also the most confident and alert office dog, willing to defend us against any-and-all mail carriers or meter readers.


Sneaky Pete

Pete running around and investigating the office.Pete running around and investigating the office.
Pete napping.Pete napping.

Pete was rescued from the Heartland Greyhound Association by Adam Torpin and his wife Gina. He began his life at a casino dog race track, but was thankfully retired young because the poor guy never won a race. He gets really excited about treats, meeting new people, and a good belly rub.



Sullivan takes over an office chair to get some work done.Sullivan takes over an office chair to get some work done.
Pete and Sullivan nap together.Pete and Sullivan nap together.

Sullivan belongs to me (and my partner Jordan). Like Pete, Sullivan is
also a rescue dog. He was saved from the Mid-American Boston Terrier Rescue. We know that his mom was a Boston, but there is no way his dad was! Sullivan is probably the most needy office pup. He always wants Gourley to cuddle him, or Adam to play with him.

Our failed attempt at a group photo of Pete, Rosie, and Mollie.Our failed attempt at a group photo of Pete, Rosie, and Mollie.
Sullivan_MollieMollie and Sullivan share a nice cuddle session.

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