Keg Creek Brewing is a microbrewery located in Glenwood, Iowa. With a strong history in home-brewing, the guys at Keg Creek pride themselves on an open and comfortable environment that enhances craft beer education, enjoyment, and experimentation. If there’s anything they love more than craft beer, it’s talking about craft beer. They built their business on the idea of welcoming free thought and conversation and have stuck true to that concept since opening their doors back in 2011.

Keg Creek Brewing logo before and afterKeg Creek Brewing
logo before and after

Every one of their beers has its own romantic story, and, of course, Keg Creek has its own rich story as well. Legend has it that during the mid-1800s when a bootlegging tradesman was warned of an impending patrol, he rolled five barrels of contraband liquor into the creek. The creek was then known as “Five Barrel Creek,” which was later shortened to “Keg Creek.” That story became the brewery’s namesake when they opened business on the shores of the creek.

Keg Creek Brewing logosKeg Creek Brewing

With great success selling their beer and accompanying stories, Keg Creek Brewing is expanding, and they came to Oxide looking for help creating an updated identity and packaging. For the logo, we built several concepts which illustrated the event the creek was named for. We don’t typically design logos with such literal representations of the client’s name, but we really wanted to build something that reiterated their great narrative. Additional concepts included typographic stylings similar to what could have been found stamped onto the kegs floating down that creek over a hundred years ago.

Keg Creek Brewing logo conceptsKeg Creek Brewing
logo concepts

The final logo uses a simple two-color palette which allows the identity to easily and cost-effectively apply to anything from packaging to apparel. The dark navy was selected for both the water of the creek and the night sky under which the barrels were transported. The aged off-white color helps reiterate the brewery’s and creek’s long and rich history.

Keg Creek Brewing tagline logotypeKeg Creek Brewing
tagline logotype

We love taglines, and, luckily, Keg Creek already had a great one! As part of the identity, we built them a custom logotype designed to look like typography applied to the lid of a vintage barrel.

You can already find Keg Creek brews on tap at a variety of locations around the Omaha area and many places in Iowa, and bottles will soon arrive on store shelves. Or, if you’re up for a fair pour and a fine conversation about craft beer, head on over to Glenwood and visit with the guys. They’d love to meet you.

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