The guys at Keg Creek Brewing are great storytellers. They love talking about their craft and they love their small town of Glenwood, Iowa, located just southeast of the Omaha metro. Since day one, each one of their tasty brews has been given a name inspired by a local story. When we sat down to concept the redesign of their labels and six-pack carriers, we knew we wanted to highlight those stories in both written form and the visual imagery.

Keg Creek Brewing six-pack carriersKeg Creek Brewing
six-pack carriers

Each beer has a unique bright flood of color over a photo inspired by the associated story. The largest type — which is seen first — is the name of the beer, but it’s also part of a sentence, giving you the shortened version of the story.

Keg Creek Brewing label before and afterKeg Creek Brewing label before and after

Whenever we sit down to design packaging for a company like Keg Creek, we strive to create brand recognition through a system that’s consistent. We then make shifts within that system which allow the consumer to quickly and easily identify variations. If a customer tries one of their products and has a good experience, it’s that much easier for them to identify their other products as something they trust will be good.

Keg Creek Brewing bottlesKeg Creek Brewing

Keg Creek specifically requested a package design that would draw a connection across their shelf space. We matched the curve of the creek found in their logo and carried that line across the bottom of the labels and carriers, creating a long, steady, flowing creek.

Keg Creek Brewing six-pack carriers side and bottomKeg Creek Brewing
six-pack carriers
side and bottom

We used the opposite side of the carrier to tell the story of Keg Creek. The bottom of the carrier, typically an afterthought, was used to give the consumer various additional details (of course in story format).

The packaging — and the great beer inside — is now available across Nebraska and Iowa. Stop in to your favorite retailer and grab a six-pack!



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