Mercy High School is a private, all-girls, Roman Catholic high school (grades 9-12) located in Omaha, Nebraska. With several private schools to compete with for students, not to mention the plethora of public schools in the metro, Mercy decided it was time to update their image and clarify their brand to properly reflect the academic success, service, empowerment, and inclusion already taking place within their school.

Mercy High School logoMercy High School
Mercy High School logo, before and afterMercy High School
logo, before and after

The only high school in Omaha with a negotiated tuition program, and enrollment around 400 students, Mercy’s rigorous curriculum has ensured that 98% of graduates attend college. They currently offer 21 AP and college-credit courses, with more than 60% of the faculty holding master’s degrees. More importantly, however, the school’s service-learning curriculum means that students understand the responsibility of giving back and making a difference in the world. Encouraging empowerment and inclusion prepares students to succeed and become leaders.

Mercy High School brand bookMercy High School
brand book

We worked with Mercy to create a brand book to contain both their updated written and visual brand. A brand is more than just a logo or a tagline — it’s the full public expression of an organization’s identity.

Mercy High School brand book

With sound reasoning behind the key visuals of their existing logo, as well as plenty of equity, it was determined that a refresh was more appropriate than a complete overhaul. As much as we enjoy coming up with new solutions, whatever the project may be, when we recognize existing value in a brand, we do what we can to retain what is working. Beyond the logo, we expanded their visual brand by selecting more sophisticated versions of the existing school colors, defined typefaces for use in print and web, and built a guide for internal selection of photography.

Mercy High School brand book

Mercy High School was also in desperate need of an updated athletic logo. With no money left in the budget, I decided to donate my personal time to develop a mark that their sports teams could be proud of. I’ve always loved sports logos, especially ones that illustrate unique mascots, so it was simply an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up!

Mercy High School athletic logoMercy High School
athletic logo

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