Recently we were able to partner with a company in a unique situation. This company had bought out another and was trying to decide which name to use, if either. Whichever way it ended up, they wanted our help to create the visual brand.

We consulted on name, and rather than “PC Refurbishing” or “PC Recycling” we offered some names that bridged the tacticals of what they do with the mission of why they’re doing it.

The solution we developed — “Motherboard” — is a great balance: hinting at the electronic side of what they do, while sounding more maternal, like Mother Earth or Gaia.

See, Motherboard recycles electronics (computers, printers, even fluorescent light bulbs), and they do so with the highest level of data security. But they do that in order to supplement the more mission-driven side of their company. Yes, recycling these electronics is very good for the environment. But Motherboard is going even further and using their access to used computer parts to provide inexpensive refurbished computers to customers who have a low income. And they’re exploring ways to provide employment opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum.

Unused Motherboard logo conceptsUnselected Motherboard logo concepts

Like the name, the logo needed to be a bridge for their customers and potential customers. The Gaia shape is made up of circuits, reiterating the two different but connected elements of this unique company.

Motherboard business cardMotherboard business card

We helped write a tagline that succinctly explains what this company is about, and regularly paired that tagline with the name to help connect the dots for anyone who sees this compelling brand.

Proposed Motherboard truck wrapProposed Motherboard truck wrap

We had a great time working on this brand, and we’re excited to see how this business model can do great things for the community!

Ed. note: we’re excited to announce that the Motherboard logo was selected for the shortlist in Communication Arts‘ 2018 Design Annual, “the most prestigious competition for creativity in graphic design”.

View the project page for Motherboard.