Do you ever work with a client and enjoy them so much that you decide to become a client of theirs? That’s what happened for me when Oxide got to partner with Moylan Kropp on a rebrand for their comprehensive financial planning firm.

The “comprehensive” part of this line means that not only do they know all about finance, but also have a well-rounded team, able to provide tax and legal expertise.

The team is made up of three brothers, Sean, Patrick, and Devin Moylan; Kimberly Kropp, who founded the firm with their dad; and Thelma Pickering. That sense of family really comes through when you meet with them – it’s clear that they have known each other a long time and rely on each other for input.

Moylan Kropp business papersMoylan Kropp business papers

The foundation behind the firm is precisely this familial sense, the desire to cultivate a long-term relationship with their clients. Moylan Kropp wants to provide a clear and attainable path for their clients to reach whatever goals they have – and each client certainly has unique goals. They take their clients through a discovery process to learn about those goals, and they keep on learning about their clients as they partner together.

You can gain a lot more from your financial planners when those planners are able to partner with you through the milestones of your life. They know you better after all that time and can provide valuable counsel.

Moylan Kropp brochureMoylan Kropp brochure

When we were diving into our branding research about who Moylan Kropp is at their core, we found that these three themes emerged:

Responsive / Accountable
Humble / Caring
Personal / People-centered

We developed three logo concepts based on those themes. The winning concept is a modern logo built by overlapping and M and K to create a multifaceted square. The various shapes and shades of green represent different complicated moving pieces of client’s finances being balanced and organized into a simple-to-digest square. The letters also create a subtle upward arrow, indicating growth – something everyone hopes for with their finances.

This branding was carried throughout Moylan Kropp’s business papers and onto their website. The varying greens add a sense of life and vitality, which is really true to Moylan Kropp.

Moylan Kropp websiteMoylan Kropp website

As an added bonus, we were able to launch the new brand in celebration of Moylan Kropp’s 20th year in business.

This rebranding project has been a truly enjoyable experience for us, and I’ve also enjoyed meeting with Moylan Kropp as my own financial-planning company. Be sure to contact them if you’re looking for a true partner in comprehensive financial planning.

View the project page for Moylan Kropp.