We recently had the opportunity to design a promotional poster for one of our long-time clients, the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild. As you might remember we worked with the Guild on a new identity (which also happened to win a CA award).

Promoting craft beer and craft beer culture is one of the Guild’s primary functions. With that in mind, NCBG came to us in need of a poster that would be promotional but also useful: they wanted a map of Nebraska showing the locations of paying Guild members. The map would serve as a way to highlight the locations of the numerous breweries located across the state. It would also give potential tourists another reason to stop and visit some of these areas instead of just driving through.

Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild Members MapNebraska Craft Brewers Guild Members Map

We had already established a visual illustration style as part of the identity, so it was simply taking that foundation and expanding upon it. Finding the right balance between form and function here was the toughest challenge. The final map keeps the fun elements of the brand incorporated into a relatively faithful representation of the state.

Map illustration examplesMap illustration examples

These are being printed as we speak and will be showing up in breweries across the state very soon. Drop by your local Nebraskan craft brewer for a pint, and check out the poster map in person!

View the project page for Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild.