Mula Mexican Kitchen website

Over the past year and a half, Oxide has had the honor working with Michael Sanchez on his latest restaurant, Mula Mexican Kitchen & Tequileria. Located on the corner of 40th and Farnam, this establishment has become one of the must-see destinations in Omaha. This modern take on Mexican food has something for everyone with specialty margaritas & tequila cocktails to high-end dinner and lunch menu items.

Throughout our working relationship with Mula, we’ve been privileged with branding the restaurant, lending a hand in everything from the logo to interior design. We recently completed the latest project of the campaign: a new website.

Skål! Scandinavian Spirits identity

The Museum of Danish America, located in Elk Horn, Iowa, has been open since 1994 as a national center for the Danish-American community. Its mission is “to celebrate Danish roots and American dreams”.

Oxide has had the privilege of working with the Museum of Danish America on various projects in the past. Recently, they asked us to develop the look and identity for their upcoming exhibition on the history and culture of beer and aquavit in Scandinavia, called “Skål! Scandinavian Spirits”.

The exhibition highlights the drinking traditions of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. It follows those traditions to Scandinavian-American communities answering questions like “What is aquavit, anyway?” and “How do you ‘skål’ correctly?” We love broadening our knowledge base on anything and everything, and, needless to say, we learned quite bit about Scandinavia researching this project.

Commercial Flooring Systems

We recently had the pleasure of working with Commercial Flooring Systems to develop a new identity and logo, business papers, and a website. We love broadening our list of industries that we’ve gotten to learn about, and flooring was a welcome addition.

Design Student Interview

Last year, I was contacted by Ashley McFeely, an instructor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha‘s Graphic Design program. Ashley was looking for professional designers who could commit to mentoring her Graphic Design 3 students throughout the upcoming semester. During the initial class meeting, students came up with various concepts for their single semester-long project. They then broke into small groups based on the ideas that interested them the most. They were given the week to build presentations and pitch their ideas to the mentors. I was really impressed with the excitement students Evan Ludes and Natali Bianco had for their concept. After a discussion with my fellow mentors, I requested that I work with them.

I really enjoyed the mentoring throughout the semester and wanted to share one of my student’s thoughts on the experience. Evan was graciously willing to answer a few questions I had for him about his group’s project.

Drew Davies featured in Omaha
Magazine and The Reader

We are pleased to share that Oxide founder and designer Drew Davies has been featured in the March/April 2015 issue of Omaha Magazine. The article, part of the magazine’s Faces series, showcases what they dubbed “Oxide’s half and half approach” — our long-standing commitment to partially or completely donate 50% of our work to non-profits and charitable organizations. (You can read the full text of the article on the Omaha Magazine site.)

Chris’ Great™ movies

Seems like we’ve taken a lot of personality tests here at Oxide lately. Some seem accurate like, for instance, telling me I’m an introvert. My favorite has been the Star Wars interpretation of the Myers Briggs.

Oxide personalities

People do not like to be put into boxes.

I’m no different. I get pretty feisty when I feel I’m being unfairly categorized.

However, I very much appreciate personality tests. I like the insights they can offer about myself and the people around me. No, I don’t think that any one test captures a person. I like knowing multiple test results for a person — having a few different angles offers a slightly better perspective. But, of course, even then a person isn’t sitting there, spelled out in black and white on the page.

Center for Civic Design identity

Oxide has been partnering with Dana Chisnell and Whitney Quesenbery — experts in usability, information design, and plain language — on various projects for years. We recently created an identity for their newest endeavor, the Center for Civic Design. The CCD has one goal: Ensuring voter intent through design. Dana and Whitney truly believe that “democracy is a design problem,” and we could not agree more.

2015 Summer Internship

Hey design students, looking for great summer plans? As in, plans that will add a phenomenal element to your portfolio and make you stand out from the rest when it comes time to apply for a post-college position? Oxide is looking for the next up-and-coming designer for our summer 2015 design internship!