Nebraskans for Civic Reform identity

At Oxide Design Co., we select one pro bono client each year. It’s a careful process for us. We want to give our time toward something we believe in, and which needs our help. Nebraskans for Civic Reform has a mission much inline with our own. This organization advocates for a fair and equitable democracy — something near and dear to us. It provides civic education for youth and the community, training for veterans in job-readiness training, and advocacy for fair and accessible voting. It’s an organization we want to be more involved with, and to which we believe we can bring real value.

Building a website:
what you need to know

At Oxide, we design and develop a lot of websites. And we know that the process of building a website can be a little daunting. Where do you start?
What things need to be considered?

A few weeks ago Oxide was asked to present at Omaha Advertising X! on just that topic. So to help demystify the process for everyone, I thought I would share my presentation with you. In an ideal world, these are the steps you would follow to take your shiny new website from an idea to completion.

Flywheel may be the best thing ever

About a year or so ago, a friend of mine, Rick Knudtson, hinted at something he and Dusty Davidson were working on. He was talking about a hosting company. But not just any hosting company — this would be a hosting company that was design-centric and WordPress-optimized. He was talking about everything Oxide has ever wanted in a hosting company.

Oxide wins 3 GDUSA Design Awards

We are pleased to announce that Graphic Design: USA has recognized three Oxide pieces with 2013 American Graphic Design Awards. Our Parsnippy logo, Belles and Whistles logo, and Maha Music Festival commemorative poster were honored as “outstanding work.”

For this, the 50th anniversary of the annual design competition, GDUSA received more than 8,000 entries, from which “a highly selective 15 percent are recognized today with a Certificate of Excellence.”

We are grateful for our excellent clients and the collaboration that made these pieces stand out.


GDUSA 2013 American Graphic Design Award winners

Why I’m joining Oxide

I first met the Oxide crew in 2008 when they were selected to do the rebranding for Word Made Flesh, where I worked. Since then, I’ve kept up with them here and there, mostly through playing ultimate frisbee with Drew Davies.

I have admired, from a slight distance, the work going on at Oxide. Honestly, they were a joy to work with when I was a client. We loved the end product as much as the process. And I’m excited to get to be on the other side now.

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about why I joined Oxide and the role I’ll be playing.

Zipline Brewing Co. packaging

I recently posted about our redesign of Zipline Brewing Co.’s logo, and had promised we would soon share the package design. Well, if you haven’t already seen it around the Lincoln, NE area, the time is now!

The industrial look we established on the coasters and business cards has been carried through to the packaging. Since day one, the guys at Zipline were looking for an identity that skewed towards minimalism. Looking at shelves of beer, it seems like every brewery is trying to outdo the previous with more and more stuff jammed onto their labels. Elaborate woodcut illustrations, metallic gradients, and full-color printing have become the norm. Minimalism in the world of beer packaging is like a breath of fresh air.

Contemporary Analysis website

Last week Nathan discussed the many aspects of the new Contemporary Analysis branding. This week, I’d like to go into some of the specifics as they relate to the website.

Since this is one of the most forward-facing points of contact for new business for Contemporary Analysis, easy and engaging interaction was a must. Because of our design of various usability elements — inviting colors to indicate what category you are exploring, several points where relevant and new content can be displayed on each page, etc. — analytics are already showing that visitors are viewing all sorts of content that had been previously ignored.

What I learned during my internship at
Oxide (Ryan Aquilino)

“What do you mean I can do whatever I want?” was what I first thought when I learned that I was in charge of a client project. Having never done real work for real clients in the real world, it’s safe to say that I was pretty scared. But even though this was MY project to complete, it wasn’t like I was completely alone. I had the amazing Oxide design team there to help me out whenever I was unsure of what I was doing. Once I got over my initial “wow I have a lot of responsibility for an intern” jitters I learned what I feels like to be an actual, believe-it-or-not, real life designer. And it feels GOOD.