Hi. I’m Chris.

Hey. I’m Chris. I’m a UX designer and front-end developer who loves family, good beer, scotch, and gaming.

Since my first explorations into design back in high school, I’ve always loved being creative. But, more than that, I’ve loved the time, technique, and devotion needed to build something beautiful from the ground up. It initially started with drafting and HTML classes, but quickly led to AutoCAD evening courses and experimenting with 3D animation.

1877 Society identity

The 1877 Society is a group started by the Omaha Public Library Foundation that is dedicated to supporting the Omaha Public Library. It helps the foundation advocate and raise funds for the library, its programs, patrons, services, and staff. The society is made up of OPL enthusiasts and advocates primarily in their twenties and thirties.

We were approached by the 1877 Society* to design an identity that captured the essence of the organization in a way that would be compelling to the primary audience. Being big fans of the library (who isn’t, right?), we jumped at the chance. (*They didn’t actually even have a name when we started working with them; we worked with the steering committee to develop the name 1877 Society, a nod to the year that the Omaha City Council officially created the public library.)

This project came in on a very tight timeline and needed to be turned around very quickly. We got to work immediately researching all sorts of library related ideas. When the dust settled, we had a couple of solid options that we felt were unique and would serve the Society very well.

Oxide welcomes web
developer Chris Walker

We’ve gladly welcomed Chris Walker to the team as Oxide’s new lead web developer! He comes to us with eight years of experience as a web developer, whose work is shaped by a passion for the user experience. Obviously we value this attribute in a great developer, since it’s users who either slog through our designs if they’re poorly executed — or scroll gleefully. So Chris is our scrolling-glee manager. An Omaha native, Chris attended the Creative Center for a BA and picked up some more networking skills at Metropolitan Community College after that.

Chris loves to meet a challenge and rise to it. This is why he took up playing the bagpipes with his brother a few years ago. And why he likes home improvement projects (his most current project is turning an old upright piano into a desk). And it’s probably part of the reason Chris and his wife, Lisa, decided to become foster parents.

ODC holiday tequila

For the 2014 holiday season, Oxide developed custom labels for our very own bottled tequila. We presented the tequila to some of our local clients as a thank-you for the great year we had, and a toast to the good times yet to come.

The labels feature dual-sided, letter-pressed type (Oxide’s contact info is on the reverse side and is visible through the clear bottle), a blind-embossed seal, handwritten description, and our classic Oxide logo bubble — all on Oxide’s corporate, 100% cotton paper. The wooden cap was then sealed with red tape, and hand numbered as part of a limited series.

Job posting:
Web Developer

What we’re looking for

A detail-oriented full-stack web developer with a healthy respect for design. You must be a creative thinker with an excitement for making pixel-perfect translations of visual/UI design into living, breathing websites and mobile experiences. (As for design skills, imagine that at various points you’ll be given a set of three consistent elements and you’ll be asked to design on your own what the fourth element in the set would look like.)

Ideal expertise includes fluency in WordPress, PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Familiarity with vanilla JavaScript, Sass, Git, and Ruby on Rails helps, too.

Oxide wins 6 at AIGA’s 2014 Show

We are pleased to share that Oxide received a gold, a silver, and four bronze awards this past Saturday at AIGA Nebraska‘s 2014 Show.

Nebraska’s biggest annual design competition, Show. recognizes great design from around the state. We are privileged to have our work selected by a panel of national design judges. And we want to thank our amazing clients, whose projects and collaboration have kept us inspired and striving for excellence.

Oxide won a gold award for Mula Mexican Restaurant and Tequileria’s branding. We won a silver award for the Show. logo. And we won bronzes for the Mula logo, Big Omaha 2014 branding, Maha Music Festival 2014 branding, and for our collaboration with Cale Oglesby on Union Pacific’s Intermodal video.

Make things.

I came to be a web developer in a somewhat unorthodox fashion. I didn’t grow up writing code. I didn’t major in computer science in college. But I have always enjoyed making things and understanding how things are connected.

Happy Halloween 2014!

Halloween is a special holiday for creatives and a particular favorite here at Oxide. For the occasion to date, we’ve built custom props, assembled screen-accurate ensembles, dressed completely unexpectedly, and produced unique getups with items we had lying around. For the third year in a row, we’re excited to share Team Oxide’s costumes!

Oxide celebrates thirteen
years in business

This week we celebrate Oxide’s 13th anniversary!

Around this time each year, we like to take a look back at the previous year and take stock of what’s happened. If you’ve driven by the office lately, you’ll see that major construction is underway in the Blackstone District. The city is busy converting our seven-block stretch of Farnam Street to two-way traffic, which will greatly improve the accessibility, walkability, and enjoyability of our neighborhood. (Also, several more restaurants and bars will open on our block in the next month or so!)