Chris’ Great™ movies

Seems like we’ve taken a lot of personality tests here at Oxide lately. Some seem accurate like, for instance, telling me I’m an introvert. My favorite has been the Star Wars interpretation of the Myers Briggs.

Oxide personalities

People do not like to be put into boxes.

I’m no different. I get pretty feisty when I feel I’m being unfairly categorized.

However, I very much appreciate personality tests. I like the insights they can offer about myself and the people around me. No, I don’t think that any one test captures a person. I like knowing multiple test results for a person — having a few different angles offers a slightly better perspective. But, of course, even then a person isn’t sitting there, spelled out in black and white on the page.

Center for Civic Design identity

Oxide has been partnering with Dana Chisnell and Whitney Quesenbery — experts in usability, information design, and plain language — on various projects for years. We recently created an identity for their newest endeavor, the Center for Civic Design. The CCD has one goal: Ensuring voter intent through design. Dana and Whitney truly believe that “democracy is a design problem,” and we could not agree more.

2015 Summer Internship

Hey design students, looking for great summer plans? As in, plans that will add a phenomenal element to your portfolio and make you stand out from the rest when it comes time to apply for a post-college position? Oxide is looking for the next up-and-coming designer for our summer 2015 design internship!

Oxide launches pro bono
design application

At Oxide, we believe strongly in using our design powers for good, to support worthy and valuable efforts in our community. Over half of our work is donated or discounted for nonprofits and charitable organizations. 

Hi. I’m Chris.

Hey. I’m Chris. I’m a UX designer and front-end developer who loves family, good beer, scotch, and gaming.

Since my first explorations into design back in high school, I’ve always loved being creative. But, more than that, I’ve loved the time, technique, and devotion needed to build something beautiful from the ground up. It initially started with drafting and HTML classes, but quickly led to AutoCAD evening courses and experimenting with 3D animation.

1877 Society identity

The 1877 Society is a group started by the Omaha Public Library Foundation that is dedicated to supporting the Omaha Public Library. It helps the foundation advocate and raise funds for the library, its programs, patrons, services, and staff. The society is made up of OPL enthusiasts and advocates primarily in their twenties and thirties.

We were approached by the 1877 Society* to design an identity that captured the essence of the organization in a way that would be compelling to the primary audience. Being big fans of the library (who isn’t, right?), we jumped at the chance. (*They didn’t actually even have a name when we started working with them; we worked with the steering committee to develop the name 1877 Society, a nod to the year that the Omaha City Council officially created the public library.)

This project came in on a very tight timeline and needed to be turned around very quickly. We got to work immediately researching all sorts of library related ideas. When the dust settled, we had a couple of solid options that we felt were unique and would serve the Society very well.

Oxide welcomes web
developer Chris Walker

We’ve gladly welcomed Chris Walker to the team as Oxide’s new lead web developer! He comes to us with eight years of experience as a web developer, whose work is shaped by a passion for the user experience. Obviously we value this attribute in a great developer, since it’s users who either slog through our designs if they’re poorly executed — or scroll gleefully. So Chris is our scrolling-glee manager. An Omaha native, Chris attended the Creative Center for a BA and picked up some more networking skills at Metropolitan Community College after that.

Chris loves to meet a challenge and rise to it. This is why he took up playing the bagpipes with his brother a few years ago. And why he likes home improvement projects (his most current project is turning an old upright piano into a desk). And it’s probably part of the reason Chris and his wife, Lisa, decided to become foster parents.

ODC holiday tequila

For the 2014 holiday season, Oxide developed custom labels for our very own bottled tequila. We presented the tequila to some of our local clients as a thank-you for the great year we had, and a toast to the good times yet to come.

The labels feature dual-sided, letter-pressed type (Oxide’s contact info is on the reverse side and is visible through the clear bottle), a blind-embossed seal, handwritten description, and our classic Oxide logo bubble — all on Oxide’s corporate, 100% cotton paper. The wooden cap was then sealed with red tape, and hand numbered as part of a limited series.