Web developer Julia
Smith joins Oxide

I am excited to announce that Julia Smith has joined the Oxide team as a full-time front-end web developer. Calling Julia a “front-end web developer” is like calling a Swiss Army Knife a “can opener”. She’s got a wealth of talent in user-experience strategy and user-interface design, experience in heavy-duty code hacking like SAP’s ABAP, and a whole bunch of front-end HTML/CSS in between. Not to mention she graduated summa cum laude from Creighton University with majors in Journalism and Graphic Design — with minors in Computer Science, Interactive Web Development, and Film Studies. (We thought about making her email address macgyver@oxidedesign.com.)

She’s also into LEGOs, and a giant Lord of the Rings fan. So she’ll fit in perfectly around here.

2014 Summer Internship

Hey design students, looking for great summer plans? As in, plans that will add a phenomenal element to your portfolio and make you stand out from the rest when it comes time to apply for a post-college position? Oxide is looking for the next up-and-coming designer for our summer 2014 design internship!

Dan Richters logo

Last year, Oxide signed on as a sponsor of Omaha Fashion Week. Over the past seven years, OFW has steadily grown into the nation’s 5th largest fashion event. Their bi-annual shows provide a professional platform to showcase the work of independent fashion designers from the midwest. We decided the most effective way we could support their efforts was to donate the design of a logo to the winner of OFW’s fall show — an award that came to be known as the Oxide Fashion Cup.

Last year’s winner Dan Richters, a University of Nebraska at Omaha graduate, has been designing fashion collections locally since 2001. After Dan was crowned winner, we sat down with him to learn more about his process.

Designer Josh Schwieger joins Oxide

I am thrilled to announce that Josh Schwieger has joined the Oxide team as a full-time designer. Josh’s personality, solid work ethic, and design skills are a perfect fit for Oxide. You may recall that Josh previously interned at Oxide in 2009, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have him back on the team. He’s a Midtown Omaha native, and a 2000 graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University, with a BFA in painting and drawing. (Josh went on to get a degree in Graphic Communication Art and Design from Metropolitan Community College in 2010.) I’m a bit biased, but I believe a background in fine art brings immeasurable value to the design process.

Job posting:
Front-end Web Developer

What we’re looking for

A detail-oriented front-end web developer with a healthy respect for design. Ideal skills include fluency in HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, Javascript, and jQuery. You must have an excitement for making pixel-perfect translations of visual/UI design into living, breathing websites and mobile experiences. Creative thinking a plus requirement. (As for design skills, imagine that at various points you’ll be given a set of three consistent elements and you’ll be asked to design on your own what the fourth element in the set would look like.)

UsabilityWorks identity

Every so often we get the opportunity to work with a client on an identity “refresh” — not a wholesale rebranding, but a refinement of the visual identity that leaves in place the core concepts behind the original. We were recently approached by national usability expert and longtime Oxide collaborator Dana Chisnell to do just that: reinvigorate her primary corporate entity, UsabilityWorks.

Letterpressed rehearsal
dinner invitation

Awhile back, Oxide was tasked with designing a invitation to the rehearsal dinner for the wedding of Brooke and Eric, hosted by Eric’s father (the president of Kiewit Corporation, Bruce Grewcock) and his wife Deb. The dinner was held at Kiewit Plaza and — tying into the work Kiewit does — had the theme “Building Our Future.”

BeckAg website

Hey everybody, we’ve recently launched a new website for BeckAg. They are an innovative company which specializes in facilitating conversations between agriculture professionals. We worked with them to completely reorganize their content, streamline the user experience, and build a highly engaging and interactive site.

Parsnippy name and logo

We love farmers’ markets! Who doesn’t? You get the freshest products available while supporting small-scale farmers. Although the local aspect is great, many farmers’ markets lack variety. You can pick up the basics at most, but to get truly unique products that aren’t always grown locally, you have to go to a grocery store. There’s also another big drawback here in Nebraska and many other parts of the country as well: the length of a market’s season is dependent on the weather.