Nine Zero Properties is an Omaha-based property management company managing both commercial and residential properties throughout the city. Nine Zero prides themselves on understanding, and reacting quickly to, the various needs of their property owners and tenants. Originally operating as the management arm of City Ventures — a real estate development company and Oxide partner — Nine Zero recently decided to expand into third-party property management and needed a standalone identity to separate themselves.

We’ve worked with the owners of Nine Zero before through City Ventures on the branding of one of their developments, La Vista City Centre. They called on us again, this time to help brand their newly formed company.

Nine Zero Properties logo by Oxide DesignNine Zero Properties logo by Oxide Design Co.

Being locally owned and operated is something Nine Zero is proud of and something we talked about when first starting to look at options for their identity. They’re kind of like your trusted neighbor. Someone local who is interested in your well-being, whether you’re an owner or a tenant.

This idea of being local or “at home” is something that obviously works nicely with a property management company and something we wanted to explore in the logo development. We looked at various ways to represent this visually from keys to nests to everything in between. Eventually, combining “9” and “0” with the idea of “home” led us to an address or house number. Something that obviously represents home but, since Nine Zero doesn’t just manage residential properties, could more generally represent a location.

Nine Zero Properties log alternatesNine Zero Properties logo alternates

Combining the slashed zero with the nine made for a slightly more unique take on the house number setup. Plus it let us get both numbers in the logo without them getting confused for “90”.

Nine Zero Properties business papersNine Zero Properties business papers

In addition to the identity, we had the opportunity to build out various other pieces including business papers and social media graphics.

If you’re in need of property management in the Omaha area, look no further than Nine Zero Properties.

View the project page for Nine Zero Properties.