Founded in 1951, The Nature Conservancy is the world’s leading conservation organization. One of the flagship projects of their Nebraska office, The Niobrara Valley Preserve, is roughly 60,000 acres, which makes it one of their largest preserves worldwide. Home to a recorded 581 plant, 213 bird, 86 lichen, 70 butterfly, 44 mammal (including bison herds), 25 fish, 17 reptile, and 8 amphibian species, the preserve’s mission is conservation, scientific research, and education.

Niobrara Valley Preserve brochureNiobrara Valley
Preserve brochure

Originally purchased in 1980, the Niobrara Valley suffered a massive fire in 2012 that nearly destroyed 30 years of hard work. As part of a fundraising initiative, The Nature Conservancy partnered with Oxide to design a showcase brochure highlighting the history, mission, and future goals of the preserve. Working with the Conservancy’s established brand, we chose to heavily feature the plentiful and beautiful photography captured in the valley. Each spread exhibits large full-color images while an underlying narrative carries you through the brochure. With a very natural look and feel, recycled matte paper reiterates that the Conservancy is environmentally friendly.

The Nature Conservancy brochure

Protecting the Niobrara Valley Preserve is important not only because of its natural beauty, but also as a natural resource that could be lost if not protected. But protecting the land does not mean not using it – in addition to public use areas, portions of the preserve are also operated as a working ranch. Grassland is leased for cattle and bison grazing on large pastures.

Donations generated through the campaign will help continue conservation efforts, scientific research, and education on the preserve, as well as the purchase of additional land.

Niobrara Valley Preserve brochure

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