As much as we enjoy designing identities from the ground-up, the challenge of carrying an existing identity into new territory can be just as rewarding. The Omaha Community Foundation approached Oxide last year to update their website, building from an identity designed by Bailey Lauerman and a set of illustrations by Mick Wiggins.

Omaha Community Foundation websiteOmaha Community Foundation website

OCF holds an important place in our city, uniting individual donors with nonprofits – both of whom are looking to do good in the community.

Since 1982, the non-profit organization has enabled donors to generously contribute to the good of the community through its 501(c)(3) status. And in doing so, granted more than $650 million in its history “” $58 million in 2010 alone. In the process, the Omaha Community Foundation has also grown to include more than 1000 donors, serving the needs of over 3000 nonprofits, initiatives and funds throughout greater Omaha and southwest Iowa.

They offer a variety of important services for a couple of very different audiences. We worked alongside copywriter Monica McFarland to interview the staff at OCF – coordinating all of the content necessary for the new site and getting a better understanding of exactly who would be using it. Our task was to organize all of that information clearly, balancing the complexity of their services with their ultimate goal – to be a simple, consolidated source for building a stronger Omaha.

The eccentricities of the web meant that translating OCF’s brand from print was going to create some unique problems on its own. But, by leveraging the illustrations, using the color palette to accentuate different areas of site, employing type as a basis for differentiating content within the page, and utilizing a couple of lookalikes from the Google Font Directory, all of those problems worked themselves out. And thanks to our development partners, Brightmix, we were able to carry the design forward in a way that feels like a natural extension of the print pieces.

Omaha Community Foundation websiteOmaha Community Foundation website

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