As you may know, Omaha Community Foundation hosts this little event every year called Omaha Gives! It’s a day-turned-month of giving to your favorite Omaha-area non-profits. The big day this year is May 24, but you can schedule your gift now:

Omaha Community Foundation’s new window graphics

We always enjoy a chance to partner with Omaha Community Foundation. So, of course, we jumped at the chance to help them install window graphics on their offices in the Blackstone Centre building (AKA the original Blackstone Hotel).

Original Omaha Gives! logo from 2013Original Omaha Gives! logo from 2013

We used the original Omaha Gives! logo Oxide made in 2013 along with the additional design elements they’ve created over the past five years (how incredible that this is already the 5th annual Omaha Gives!).

Final artworkFinal window artwork

Our team took careful measurements and provided some sketched concepting before finalizing the artwork. We’re pleased with how the vinyl turned out!

Cut vinyl window graphics look sharp

Don’t forget to contribute this May 24 (or anytime before then) to Omaha Gives!


View the project page for Omaha Community Foundation.