We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Oxide Design Co. loves Omaha and our neighborhoods.

Omaha Shirt Project logo

In late 2016, we launched Omaha Shirt Project: t-shirts we designed to help others who also love these communities show off their pride and support their neighborhood associations. In the ensuing 18 months, the original 12 shirts grew to 18 and the project has enabled us to donate over $4,000 to neighborhoods across the city.

To commemorate the success of the Omaha Shirt Project, we decided to expand it (both literally and figuratively) by making a set of shirts for the most well-known larger areas of the city: South Omaha, North Omaha, and West Omaha.

Omaha Shirt Project: South OmahaOmaha Shirt Project: South Omaha

Our shirt for South Omaha commemorates the hard-working heritage of this historic area — once boasting a meat-packing industry so vibrant it earned the town the moniker “The Magic City”. (Proceeds from this shirt will go to support the South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance.)

Omaha Shirt Project: North OmahaOmaha Shirt Project:
North Omaha

North Omaha’s shirt pays homage to the earliest days of a key area in the Nebraska Territory. The Bank of Florence issued some of the state’s earliest bank notes, and the area has a long history of valuable journalism. (Proceeds from this shirt will go to support the North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance.)

Omaha Shirt Project: West OmahaOmaha Shirt Project:
West Omaha

The West Omaha shirt speaks to the more modern nature of the city’s western neighborhoods. It’s designed in a universally contemporary style that captures the breadth of areas west of 90th Street. (Proceeds from this shirt will go to support Boys Town.)

Check out the designs, pick your favorites, and rally for them with your friends and neighbors!