I’m a sucker for any chance I get to apply my design skills to the world of sports. I’ve created the majority of these opportunities by volunteering to brand the various ice hockey teams I’ve played for, the most recent being the Omaha Stars Hockey Club.

Omaha Stars Hockey Club logoOmaha Stars
Hockey Club logo

The Stars were named by the team founder and captain who spends his days working at Strategic Air Command. He had a desire to honor the United States Armed Forces with a patriotic themed team name. For inspiration, I started by researching the history of USA hockey. The red, white, and blue color palette was a no-brainer, but I wanted to stay away from flags and shields, which are the two directions USA hockey has gone in the past. Once I was able to find a way to pair a hockey stick with a star, I knew I had a great solution.

I’ve been building a pretty sizable hockey jersey collection over the last 20 years, and the chance to own a jersey with a logo I designed on it is special. I have three with my work on them now and hope to continue growing my collection in the future.

Omaha Stars Hockey Club jerseysOmaha Stars
Hockey Club jerseys

Logo and jersey aside, I truly enjoy building anything sports related, which is why I decided to build these retro-inspired trading cards for my own amusement. My brothers, who also played on this team, would be pretty embarrassed to know I’m sharing these with the world! So don’t tell them.

Omaha Stars Hockey Club trading cards