This week we celebrate Oxide’s 16th anniversary!

Full disclosure: on a somewhat regular basis, we have conversations with clients about promoting any given round-number anniversary of their business. The question we always pose is: “Yes, it’s a success that you’ve been in business this long, but why would your customers care about it?” More often than not, we counsel them to skip making a public splash and to instead use the occasion to internally evaluate how things are progressing, and sharpening their focus for the upcoming year(s).

Following our own advice, around this time each year, we like to take a look back at the previous year and take stock of what’s happened. Then we use that information to make sure we’re pointed in the right direction for the future.

Oxide celebrates 16 sweet years of branding and design

Long story short, I couldn’t be more proud of how things are going at Oxide. We’ve assembled a great team of creatives that weave perfectly together, we’re producing work that’s recognized on an international level, and practically every day the Blackstone District grants us yet another wonderful place to eat and drink. Oxide also continues to be blessed with a great set of clients, from local to regional to national. We’re having another solid year, and we owe it to our clients for allowing us to do what we do best in order to make them successful.

This year has brought a new and fascinating range of projects, including branding and retail package design for an Iowa-based craft brewery, a producer of mindfully-crafted teas, and a very cool — and currently top secret — beverage company in Lincoln. We finished a trilogy of glow-in-the-dark posters. We designed identity, retail graphics — even advertising — for a fast-casual restaurant in Colorado. We made a set of t-shirts designed to give back to the Omaha neighborhoods we love. We also continued to work in the election and civic design space, most notably working to redesign all of California’s voter information guides and vote-by-mail materials. And we even got to design a poster celebrating one of design’s living legends.

For me, one of the most important reasons I’m excited about Oxide’s continued success is that it allows us to keep doing something we love in support of the causes we believe in. I’m very proud to say that about half of Oxide’s business is pro bono — design work we do for free or at reduced rates for charitable organizations we think are doing great things in the world. It’s something we’ve been doing since we opened our doors, and we’ll keep doing into the future.

Thanks again to all of our clients, champions, friends, and family — we couldn’t do this without your continued support!