This month we celebrate Oxide’s 14th anniversary!

It always feels good to achieve another successful year in business, and it’s also a great time to look back at the year that’s transpired.

Oxide neon sign, 2015Neon sign at Oxide’s office in the Blackstone District, 2015

Our home – the fledgling Blackstone District I mentioned in last year’s anniversary post – is now one of Omaha’s most vibrant neighborhoods, full of restaurants, bars, and a multitude of residential options. On the internally-facing side, we’ve completed our interior renovations, and now have a separate, sound-insulated concepting / conference room (lovingly dubbed the “Isolation Chamber” because it’s so quiet in there). Thanks to Google and 360-degree photographer Jeff Hug, you can take a virtual tour of our entire office with Google Maps’ “See Inside” feature.

Oxide continues to be blessed with a great set of clients, from local to regional to national. 2015 is shaping up to be another great year, and we owe it to our clients for allowing us to do what we do best in order to make them successful. Our ongoing success is most important in that it allows us to keep doing something we love in support of the causes we believe in. I’m very proud to be able to continue to say that over half of Oxide’s annual business is pro bono “design for good” – design work we do for free or at reduced rates for charitable organizations we think are doing great things in the world. It’s something we’ve been doing since we opened our doors, and we’ll keep doing into the future.

This year also brought us a wide range of exciting projects we’ve always wanted to do (or never even knew we’d want to do). We got to design the identity for an affiliate of Major League Soccer‘s New England Revolution, and brand the region’s largest car dealership. We got to design the museum exhibits for an exhibition on the history and culture of drinking in Scandinavia. We got to develop best-practice design standards for all of the voter information guides in California. We even got to hand-illustrate a poster that we screen-printed with glow-in-the-dark ink!

Last but certainly not least, we’re using the occasion of our anniversary to launch our brand-new Oxide website! The new site contains a wide range of refinements and usability enhancements, along with more robust content like case studies of major projects. (Look for a future post from Chris Walker detailing the new site.) Welcome to 4.0!

Continued heartfelt thanks to all of our clients, champions, friends, and family for your ongoing support! We couldn’t do this without you.