Last year’s t-shirt collection was such a success, we’ve made some more. The theme for last year was Oxide, which each of us (along with intern Josh) interpreted in our own peculiar way.

Oxide t-shirts 2011Oxide t-shirts 2011

This year, we didn’t establish a theme at the beginning. Instead, the three of us started on our own separate paths. The only rule was design something you’d actually want to wear. (Our guidelines on wearability are not universally popular, but the continued shortage of tastefully-designed shirts is the reason we’re doing this.)

As an entirely self-directed project, we thought it would be fun to try reverse problem-solving. In other words, allowing the finished designs to establish the theme. Once two of us were happy with our direction, we found the thread of continuity – which helped steer the direction of the third. (Solved-probleming, maybe?)

That was a fun exercise. And without too much effort, we managed to create three uniquely-interpreted variations on the 2011 theme: City.

The 2011 collection is on sale now at

Omaha t-shirtA take on Adam’s favorite historic image from downtown Omaha.
Gotham t-shirtJoe’s favorite Batman-inspired typeface is also one of the best ever. What are the odds?
Benson Mighty Bunnies t-shirtThere’s a groundswell starting to rally behind our proposed identity for the Benson Mighty Bunnies. Drew is hoping to bolster the movement with a t-shirt release.