You may have read one of the recent posts on our site about the new Oxide t-shirts. To reiterate, each of us designed our own shirt keeping in mind a couple of guidelines:

  1. Make a shirt you’d actually want to wear.
  2. Relate it to Oxide in some fashion.

Oxide bricks t-shirtOxide bricks t-shirt

Last week, Drew shared his version of the perfect t-shirt, and now it’s my turn. When Drew first told us that we would be designing t-shirts, I immediately knew I wanted to create one that portrayed our shared love of LEGO bricks. First, I decided to illustrate them as if they were from an instruction manual. I built out several different versions of the type but landed on the version that used the fewest number of pieces (while staying easily readable). To add a little more interest to the illustration, I decided to make it look as if it were the last page in the instruction manual by drawing an arrow to complete the E.

As a special bonus, for those of you with Adobe Illustrator, I have included the working file that will allow you to build your own instructional LEGO creations. Enjoy! For the rest of you who don’t have Illustrator, all I can offer is the chance to see our collection, which is on permanent display in the front window of our studio. [AI]

Like the shirt? You’re in luck: they’re for sale.